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Okay I have to confess I am a bit lazy in the area that I have probably gone overboard with the baby-proofing for most of his early childhood.  I like to be able to go to the bathroom and not worry that he is going to accidently hurt himself.  I hate hovering and I like him to feel like he has some independence to roam around the house (all one level.)  That being said I have come to the other end of the spectrum where my 20 month old is now learning how to get around the baby-proofing!  While its a little surprising it is nice to be able to use these moments to teach him what is okay and not okay to play with.  For instance, he can pry off the door knob covers, push down the cabinet locks, and operate the oven door lock.  The cabinet locks were more out of necessity than anything and the door knob handles only keep him out of our bedroom, the office, and the front door, but we usually keep the chain up anyway and especially every time now!  The oven door worries me a little, since he is starting to climb over the baby gate I haven't come up with an effective solution other than watch the oven while its on.  Anyone have any suggestions other than just teach him no its hot?