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I'm completely paranoid about choking because DD1 choked on a piece of fruit when she was a baby and I had to Heimlich it out of her.  Scariest ten seconds of my life.  So we do not do BLW here.  At 11 months (and no teeth) DD2 is still on purees/soft foods and foods cut into pieces smaller than her airway.  Last couple of months she's become really determined to bite off her own pieces of food so I have just been steaming everything to a very soft texture before I give it to her.


I agree with what others have said that there's nothing particularly nutritious about grain-based cereals, we started with soft fruits and veggies steamed and mashed with butter (banana, avocado, roasted sweet potato, steamed carrot, steamed sugar snap peas, boiled white potato with steamed broccoli) and quickly added in egg yolks and rice/lentil cereal.

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The cheese grater is a really good tool for quickly making foods a baby-safe size.


My girl is 9 months old and has mostly had fruits and veggies still. She likes meat, too. I've given her rice and regular oats, but she isn't all that interested in grains. 

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I would not put the food in a bottle for her to drink. It seems to me that if babies are ready for food, they're ready to eat it, not drink it.


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