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Would cutting out dairy help my LO?

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Up until a week ago things seemed to be going fairly ok.  I would give DD, 14 weeks, her last bottle (i'm EPing) around 9.30, then put her down for the night.  She would wake in the night and I would give her her paci and she would sleep through until 4-6am and then after another bottle and then we would have a routine of roughly 9.30, 12.30, 15.30, 18.30 etc.  The last few days though she has been waking up at all times of the night 1.50, 3.00...  Last night she wouldn't go down straight away.  She woke to drink at 3.40, went back down fine but a while later (not even sure what time) she woke again.  She's always moving around a lot in bed, usually turning 90degrees, and lifting her legs up a lot.  Last night she was kind of wimpering in her sleep and this made her start crying.  I rocked her and put her in bed with us, she wimpered in her sleep again so I gave her her paci and stroked her head until she fell asleep.  She slept until about 8.30 so she def wasn't hungry.  This morning she farted soooo much when she woke up!  Her stools used to be mustard colour but for a while they have been dark army green.  During the pregnancy I didn't have any dairy because it gives me spots but started again after she was born because I really needed the extra calories.  Could the dairy be giving her lots of gas at night?  Wouldn't she then have it during the day as well?  She is sucking on her fingers constantly so first I thought she was teething but she doesn't seem that unhappy during the day.


I thought we had such a good routine going but now everything just seems to have gone wrong.  She also won't nap alone and the health visitor told me if she can't do that by 6 months she won't go to sleep alone at night either because they know so strongly what they want by then blush.gif


I really hope I can figure this out because the EPing is bad enough without being sleep deprived on top.  I was taking fenugreek, goats rue and mothers milk tinctures which I am going to stop today...

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I forgo to say that i'm using dom and supplementing, maybe that makes a difference?

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My first question is, do you use any formula at all or are you able to meet her demand with breastmilk? I EPd in the beginning, and I had to use formula here and there. If you do use formula, cutting out dairy probably won't help since most formula is dairy based. Different kids tolerate different brands better or worse, so you may want to experiment a bit there.
I haven't had dairy issues with DD when she was EBF but now that she's a toddler, it can constipate her pretty easily and I have to watch how much she has. For us, sleeping problems surface when she's hitting a milestone like rolling over, crawling, walking, etc. At 14 weeks maybe your LO is working on rolling over and the poop may be unrelated and not bothering her. Teething for us is usually worst at night so I wouldn't rule it out completely. The first year is such a learning experience for everybody. I swear that every month something new cropped up and just as I found a new routine with her, she changed again lol. For naptime, I had great luck with a motorized swing. She would fall asleep and I could turn it off and get some pumping/housework done. If you haven't tried one yet, I recommend finding/borrowing a used one to see if it would help.
Sorry I don't have much more advice, but I do remember those early days and how tough they were. In some ways the toddler stage is easier.... in many ways though it's not lol.
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Well the day after I cut out dairy her poop went back to mustardy colour so I guess it couldn't of been the dairy otherwise it wouldn't of worked that quickly, maybe it was something else I ate or just one of those weird things.


I am supplementing, I didn't think of that before but it has lactose it in so me cutting out dairy wouldn't make a difference, thanks for pointing that out otherwise I would be denying myself lots of delicious cheese for nothing!orngbiggrin.gif

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