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Can't carry toddler anymore

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My daughter is 2 1/2 and weighs 30lbs. Her favorite spot is still on my hip. I used to carry/wear her all the time. Now, I am finding a direct relation to the amount of time she spends on my hip/in carrier to my elbow/shoulder/neck/lower back pain. If she naps on me for an hour in the carrier I am a mess for a few days.

I was pregnant with my son before he got to this point so I naturally carried him less. How do I wean her gently from being held all the time? She brings me the carrier and asks me to wear her and I can't seem to say no. CArrying her up the stairs is no big deal, it is carrying her all the way back to the car from the zoo while pushing the stroller with my other arm that is the worst.
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Oh, gosh, I don't know, but if you figure it out, please tell me! I have an almost-2-year-old and I'm 8 months pregnant. Even with my Ergo, which I adore, carrying him is a real strain on my body. But he doesn't understand that my body can't do the things it used to, you know?

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You could try a new carrier. A back carry is more ergonomic than a hip carry, and you'll likely find more comfort that way. If she does ever fall asleep, you could try transitioning her off of you so you don't have to carry her while she's sleeping.


Some strength training on your part could help to alleviate some of the pain you feel when you carry her.


If you'd really like to avoid from carrying her, maybe give her some choices when she asks to be carried. Like: "would you like to hold my hand, or help push the stroller?"


Good luck! I feel for you. My 18 month old is 32 pounds and my 3.5 year old is 36 pounds. Both my kids were/are big babies and it always gives me a good workout when I wear them. 

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this totally cracked me up lastnight, i saw this in a magazine and thought of this thread, kinds cool, kinda bizarre!


it is ment to hold them standing up on your back


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Might work to explain it to your child. My 23 month old would understand it, not the best but she'd throw a small fit maybe and then just forget about it, so it might be worth the fit for your back's sake. Sometimes life changes and they have to learn to adjust. It would be a great learning lesson for her. Sounds like the independence would be good for her too, especially learning how to take a nap on her own.

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the piggyback rider is super uncomfortable. For kid and especially parent. We tried it - neither my big preschooler nor my DH liked it.

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bummer, it seemed like a novel idea, do you think it was just not fitting on your DH's shape or a probelm everyone would clearly have?

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Well the straps that say they are padded are only a touch padded. The kids feet have to be a certain space apart to distribute weight evenly. DH found the straps "cutting" due to where they were on the body and that there wasn't enough padding. So, I personally think, while it's really cool - maybe it could work for you guys, it was a huge big fat no for us from everyone who tried it. Also DS looked pretty uncomfortable and worried while in it/attempting to hold on.

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thanks for the details, looks like a good idea not executed well, bummer

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Originally Posted by dejagerw View Post

If you'd really like to avoid from carrying her, maybe give her some choices when she asks to be carried. Like: "would you like to hold my hand, or help push the stroller?"



You may also want to experiment with getting her to push her own doll stroller or shopping cart.

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Ugh, my 4yo still wants to be carried all the time. I physically can't do it all the time, and she gets upset.
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My son will be 2 in a little over a week and is nearing 30 lbs.  He still likes to be carried a good bit which I usually will do in the house for small amounts of times but not if we're out and about for any length of time.  If we are taking a walk around the neighborhood I remind him that it is time to walk and we will hold hands but I cannot carry him.  If he wants we can take the stroller.  he does seem to understand this and sometimes asks for the stroller.  If he asks to be picked up during the walk, I will just say - I cannot carry you that far/for that long- we can hold hands, emphasize he is a a big boy that can walk, etc.  Sometimes I feel kinda bad but then I am very uncomfortable carrying him so I just have to think of me too.  I do carry him up on my shoulders sometimes which reduces the strain but he has to be put up there and taken off.  I also get a new hairstyle when he rides this way : )

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I would go to a babywearing meeting (if you can find one, most big cities will have one) and try several SSC (Like ergos) or even learn to wrap. I know a small mom that can wrap her 3 year old and carry him like that, but not any other way. I have a bamberoo that I back carry my 28lb almost 2 year old in. Its fine for about an hour. No way I could hip carry anymore! 

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