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Flying and early pregnancy!!

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We just found out a week ago that we are pregnant naturally after throwing in the towel w/ ttc w/ ART (IUI's n 6 IVF's). Thinking I should have been almost 6 wks along I had my first u/s and they saw the gestational sac and the yolk sac but nothing else so far. ( hcg levels 1300 then 2771) They said I'm earlier than we thought and was only 4.5/5 wks instead. Anyways, I'm scheduled to fly over-seas next weekend and I was wondering if anyone has any thoughts on going thru those x-ray type machines when you have to go through security. I don't even remember if our airport even has one of the old school style ones or not but I'd really like to avoid it if possible this early on even. Do I need a drs note or anything??? Thanks!!!
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I flew around 7/8 weeks and just refused to go through anything, saying I was pregnant. A few of the women who had to pat me down had little comments like, wow, you can't be that far along...blah, blah. I just smiled and said we found out right away because we were trying and are really excited. Anyway, I also printed out something from the TSA website that says that anyone has the right to request a pat down for any reason, so you don't need a dr note. I never had to whip that out, though, but I kept it in my back pocket, just in case. Actually the hardest time I had was flying out of Miami later in my pregnancy, when they were short staff and had me and a bunch of others who needed pat downs for various reasons waiting for quite a while. Since it was my request, they kept asking why don't you just go through, it's just a metal detector, nothing will happen. And I said because it is my right to refuse and I won't discuss it further. 


Apparently the radiation from the flight is higher than any of the scanning machines, but I just wanted to control things to the extent that I could.

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andaluza - Thanks for sharing  your story w/ me!!!!

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I flew at about 6 weeks too and like Andaluza just requested the pat down because I was pregnant.  The lady acted like she could care less and I had shared too much information.  Anyone has the right to refuse, but they tend to think you are just a paranoid conspiracy theorist for avoiding.  I say so what- I don't want to be x-rayed.  I might just make it policy to refuse, pregnant or not.

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I flew when i was about 20 weeks with the first one and just found out I'm preggo and I am going to be flying at about 15 weeks with this one.
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