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SMC considering IUI with sperm bank donor

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I just wanted to see if any other folks were out there with experience that could help.  I'm hoping to be an SMC (single mom by choice).  Last year I tried to conceive with sperm from a sperm bank with the at-home method, ICI, but my periods are really wacky - I ovulate late and randomly (if at all), which makes it hard to predict when to use the precious, expensive little vials of swimmers.  I liked the idea of doing this at home without drugs, but that was the ideal.


This year I want to try again, but I am thinking of trying IUI, possibly with clomid. 


Has anyone else on here done an IUI with donor sperm?  Any words of wisdom?  It seems like you have to go to the doctor a lot as you approach ovulation - is that true?


I have an appointment with my regular gyn on Thursday, but not sure if he will refer me to an RE.  (which means I may try ICI this month anyway).


This is my first post here.  Hope to get a BFP and then join the mothering boards. :)


Thanks for any BTDT thoughts...



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hmm...perhaps I should have posted in infertility?  ah - to be a newbie. :)

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Hello there,

  Welcome to MDC!  I think you posted this in the right place.  There may not be a lot of folks in this area going this route though.  There are a lot of queer women in the Queer Parenting forum doing IUI with frozen sperm.  You may want to read some threads there for a little info.  I am doing IUI's with frozen sperm with an RE.  We also have a midwife who comes to our house to do the IUI's for us.  I have used Clomid.  My RE had me do some blood tests the first month I took it to see how my body responded, but I did not have bloodwork after that.  Typically, I go in around cycle day 12 for an ultrasound to see how the follicle(s) are developing and when they are ready I do a trigger/HCG shot to cause ovulation, then I do an IUI about 24 and 36 hours after the shot.  So just one ultrasound per month.  It's good to know you are going to ovulate soon so you don't waste that expensive sperm on a poorly timed IUI.  If your cycles are wacky and you are not sure if you are ovulating, I would highly recommend getting checked out by your OBGYN or an RE to see if something is not quite right.  Frozen sperm is so expensive.  You want to make each attempt the best possible.  Good luck to you!  If you have any more questions, feel free to ask.

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Thank you, pokeyAC - that is very helpful - really helps me picture how this could work and some ideas of questions for my OBGYN appointment on Thursday.  I'm glad you only have to do one ultrasound a month and I didn't realize they could do a trigger.  That makes a lot of sense!  


I will also introduce myself in the Queer parenting forum.  I am a passionate ally and would love to gain the insight of you and others who have gone a similar route to motherhood.


Thanks and best wishes on your own fertility journey!

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Thank you very much!  I wish you all the best as well!

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