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Tips for avoiding Bed Bugs while at hotels?

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My Mom is taking my girls & I for 2 nights (this week) to what is supposed to be a nice hotel near the beach here in NJ.  I am reading reviews on Trip Advisor & getting lots of mixed ones about cleanliness/housekeeping staff in general, but Bed Bugs have come up at least a couple times...I def see once in 2009 and once just a few weeks ago as I am going through the reviews.  


I know Bed Bugs have become a huge problem in many places but we are still trying to break the flea cycle in the rental we moved into & I can't even stomach the thought of dealing with Bed Bugs.  


My initial thought was to call my Mom & tell her & see if she would book a different hotel, but she already thinks I am crazy for my "opinions" on things & my internet over-research etc.  So I am a little nervous to do that over a couple of Trip Advisor reviews.  




Are there any ways to avoid bringing them home?  

What to look for when we check in, before we even put our stuff down?


Give me your take...

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They say not to set any suitcases on the floor, to use the folding racks if there are any. You can pull back the bedding and look for reddish stains on the mattress. Probably you can google to see what kind bedbugs make.


When you come home, leave all your luggage outside. Take all your clothes directly to the washer. I'd actually pack in duffle bags so those can go straight in the washer, too. And use the drier (don't line dry). Dry heat is probably the best way to kill any bugs or eggs. I think eggs can stay dormant for a long time (like fleas which hatch when they sense vibrations of living hosts).


I've bought a couple things from Craigslist recently and it occurred to me that leaving them in the car for a day or two parked in a sunny spot during the summer might be a good precaution. Densely packed things are hard for heat to penetrate, though.

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Thx! I called & spoke to the mgr.  She is stating that the recent review posted was not true, they were people who had some other issues with their stay, not entirely the hotels fault, and were trying to get a credit for another stay or refund.  She claims they do a preventative treatment twice a week & that their owner recently spoke at a convention in NYC on keeping on top of bed bugs in the hotel business???  She also said our room is ground level & has all hardwood floors, no carpet & that all mattress covers had been replaced in the past 2 years to the plastic ones esp for bed bugs.  


I don't know whether to believe her or not but as it turns out, it's too late to get a refund for the significant deposit my Mom had to put down. 


So-I googled about tips & did find that putting everything we are packing in zippered freezer bags & the like is highly recommended.  And then when we leave, before putting our bags in the car, placing them inside the huge black contractor bags & closing them up & then like you said, leaving everything outside the house until you bring the individual ziploc bags right into the hot washer & dryer.  It's only a 2 night stay so I think I can manage this preventative stuff???


I'm going to bring a flashlight & try & check our room carefully before we even bring our stuff in.  I just can't even stand the idea of trying to break the life cycle of yet another, amazingly resilient biting bug!!!!!  

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If you are taking your car, then you can leave your luggage in the car and only bring in the clothing you'll be needing that day. The 2-gallon zip-lock bags are good for outfits. It really does sound like the hotel is up on the latest info, so that's good.
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