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Book for 8 yr old boy

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Need recommendations. I don't really know much about his interests other than he does watch the action shows on t.v.



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Hmmmm... Eight year old reading levels are all over the place, so that makes it tough. I'd probably go toward graphic novels, because they have a broad appeal to boys that age. Here's a list to start:

-- Fangbone (DS just read this one from the library and loved it)

-- Franklin Richards, Son of a Genius Collection  (DS LOVES this book and re-reads it frequently)

-- Soccer Longshot (or any of the other Sports Illustrated graphic novels)

-- Something like the National Geographic Ultimate Weird but True book is very popular for that age.


Hope this helps!


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My son recently turned 9 and he has really enjoyed the first few books of Harry Potter, and the How to Train Your Dragon Series books.  He is not yet at a level where he can read these alone, but we enjoy reading them to him or listening to them on CD books.

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I take it that you don't know this child well and aren't familiar with what he's reading? It's a gift, perhaps? That's tough because you could be buying him something he already owns. A gift card to a bookstore may be a better idea. In case a gift card doesn't work, here are some suggestions: 


Books by Roald Dahl (eg. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Danny the Champion of the World, the BFG)

Judy Blume (eg Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing, Superfudge)  

Edward Eager (eg Half Magic) 


The Diary of a Wimpy Kid is popular with that age group. 


Bunnicula (series) by James Howe


Redwall (series) by Brian Jacques (a long series which may keep him reading for quite a while. There is an animated television adaptation. It's an adventure series with animals in a kind of medieval setting - lots of battles and feasts). It might be a challenge, depending on his reading level. 


If he's reading Harry Potter, he could manage the Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan (who also has other series you could check out). 

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Thanks. I don't know if he might already have it. That is something I will have to think about. I can't buy at a Barnes and Noble where he could exchange if need be because both the B&N close to us closed shop.

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I wouldn't buy him Wimpy Kid, Percy Jackson or Harry Potter. They are fantastic, but so ubiquitous that a large percentage of that age group owns them or has read them in school. At least it's true for my son and his friends, but of course, as always, YMMV!


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There have already been other threads with book recommendation, which are too numerous to mention here. A simple search, hopefully, will get you some ideas.
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