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Need advice... 5 Weeks pregnant ... Pulled muscle or ectopic

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Hello there ill try to make this short.. Me and my husband have been trying to conceive for 2 years.. We tried clomid, femera, repronex, and IUI.. I did become pregnant in November but ended in ectopic.. which they didn't find till December.. So we were just about to move onto IVF and POOF  im pregnant this month.. YIPPEE..   I got bfp at 9 dpo.. 1ST Beta at 12 dpo was 42, 2nd Beta at 14  dpo was 115.. so they doubled... WHEW.. Okay so here is my question.. Since I have found out I was pregnant I have had this annoying, achy, throbbing pain in groin area on the left side (same side I had ectopic)  The pain comes and goes and isn't really painful and I haven't had any bleeding... I totally going insane thinking another ectopic... Any advice would be amazing..  I don't go for my first US for ten more days..  Will probably be committed by then... LOL   thx again

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did you have surgery for the ectopic ?  did you have pain this early with your last pregnancy?  how far along will you be when you have your u/s?  


lots of aches and pains are normal during pregnancy, you could have a cyst on your ovary or just be hurting because of things growing after the trauma to the area from last time..  if your ultrasound can be moved up at all, call your doctor and try to do that..  the problem there is that it could be too early to see anything and that may make you more crazy ;)

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I did not have surgery the first time I had the ectopic... I got pregnant in November and didn't know till December that I was pregnant and I don't really remember much pain.. But then again I wasn't focused on it either... My first ultrasound is in 9 days and Im thinking I will be 7 weeks at that time..  I know all the pains could be normal.. but since they are on that side im starting to freak out.. I can't think that my tube would be that far down but who knows.. I guess ill just have to wait and seee... Thx for your post.. :)

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It is unlikely that this is another ectopic as your quantitative HCG levels are going up nicely. It is quite possible you are feeling some breakup of the scar tissue from your surgery. If they removed your tube than it is even more unlikely to be an ectopic as the pregnancy would have gone down the tube on the other side. If the pain gets really bad or you start to spot you will need to be seen right away. An ultrasound at 6 weeks will rule out an ectopic and still has a good chance of seeing the heart beat. You might want to see if they will move it up a bit.


Good luck and congratulations on your pregnancy!


Here is a link to some helpful information about Ectopic Pregnancy

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