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What do you guys think?

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It is now 15 days after I had sex. He came in me. I ovulated around August 1-2, which was 11-12 days ago. I have really sore breasts and constant headaches. Once in awhile I'll get on and of gas and stomach cramps. The cramps feel like sharp pains usually.Well could I be pregnant? I didn't think you could get symptoms 2 weeks after sex. Help me out guys, what do you think?

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Hi Alyssa, anything is certainly possible.
I've found that the cycles I've had the most 'symptoms' have amounted to nothing.
This cycle I've had no symptoms except spotting at 8-10dpo, which I'm hoping is implantation bleeding, and wouldn't that just be how it goes...no symptoms the month I'm (hopefully!) pregnant.

Unfortunately, you can analyze symptoms till the cows come home and it could mean everything or nothing. The only way to know for sure is to take a pregnancy test.

When is your period due? Are you trying to get pg? It's best to take a hpt the day your period is due for the best results, but I know many of us are not capable of waiting that long, but as close to your period as possible would be good.

Good luck no matter what the result is!
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My period is due August 14th and yes I am trying to get pregnant, thank you very much. 

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That's exciting - you're only 2 days away from testing! Some women are able to get their BFP's a couple days before AF is due. Personally I always wait until she's officially late, cause otherwise I just end up disappointed (and they're expensive!).

Good luck, I hope you get your BFP soon!!
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It's tricky bc early pregnancy symptoms are very similar to pms. In hindsight, the only thing that really stood out was that I had the worse sore bbs I'd ever felt one evening about a week after I ovulated, when I took my bra off. This pretty much went away by the morning. I started feeling crampy (mild period cramps) right around the time I normally would have felt crampy before my period (cramping is due to uterus stretching) and the sore bbs came back... but it all felt like normal pms. I didn't get pains (feels like my muscles pulling along the sides of my abdoman, which are round ligament pains) until I was closer to 5 or 6 weeks along, and even that's considered early. It's most common to feel round ligament in the 2nd trimester. My pregnancy cramping never felt sharp, always dull and mild.
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i need help too. my period is 2 weeks late, i usually have my period on 34 days. now it's 47 days and still no period, i took two home exams on different days, both showed negative results. today i took a blood test and got less than 5 which means negative. i have sore breasts, i pee every two hours. btw i just had once sex the last month exactly 32 days ago, so i think that the tests should be accurate by now. ps. my partner didnt even ijaculated inside me. so the chances to get pregnant i guess are really very rare, both home and blood tests came negative. still im not having my period. i have so many symptoms. my doctor says im not pregnant although i still feel like i am. im not taking any pills or any kind of medicine. really i need to know whats happening with me as its driving me crazy?? 

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