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A little nervous..

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I'll be 16 weeks on Wednesday, no movement yet.. I'm fine with that being I didn't feel it until 20 weeks with my last. I just don't feel pregnant, it's so weird. I still don't have my period, and haven't since may, so I know that's an indicator. I have yet to hear the heartbeat or have an U/s. Ive done a meet and greet with my midwife and will hear the heartbeat two weeks from tomorrow, but it seems so far away. I'd love the reassurance now. Hubby said he saw some brown color on toilet paper when he's been waking up in the mornings in the toilet. So not sure what that's from, maybe brown colored discharge? I haven't seen it since though. I had 4 confirmed hpt so I know I'm pregnant, just freaking out bc I don't feel like it. Uh, guess I just needed to vent my worry. Plus, I'm barellllly showing, not really at all. My belly is chubby ish from eating so many carbs in the first trimester, found out it wasn't morning sickness it was from my prenatals. Uhhh! So put on extra lbs for nothing. Starting to regulate my weight back but the pudge is still there. Can't hold my eyes open much longer and my toddler will be up soon to nurse. Anyone ever just not feel pregnant?
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Venting is good, vent away!!


I too have felt very little movement, and I'm 16 weeks along.  Unlike you, though, I've felt movement super early with my other pregnancies, I think even before the end of the first tri with both.  (So, about 11 weeks?)  I'm pretty sure I have an anterior placenta though, so that kind of makes movement harder to feel.  But I too worry sometimes.  I've seen the baby on U/S already and have heard the heartbeat BUT I still worry that there's something up with the baby - why isn't he/she moving as much as my others?  Am I just not in tune enough?  Etc.  I convince myself I'm being silly but those thoughts DO run through one's head.  I just try to recognize them for what they are and move on.


Btw I too have had a little brownish discharge a few times.  I don't think it makes much difference.  Did you and the husband by any chance DTD before he saw the discharge?  I tend to get that sometimes afterwards.  It really hasn't affected this pregnancy or the others...  I mean, if it was a lot of discharge or accompanied by cramping or something, that'd be different, but not if it's an isolated, small-scale event.

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I was feeling very nervous and finally bought a doppler so I could be sane.  Nervous is probably too weak a word- I was sobbing in the ob's office asking her for a doppler to hear the heartbeat....  I'm 15.5 weeks and am not sure I've felt movement.  The doppler has really saved me.  I can't always find the heartbeat, but for some reason that doesn't bother me.   As long as I find it the next time.


Hugs though!  I know how uncontrollable that worry can be, and that nothing can really stop your brain.  My ob said between 12-20 weeks can be the hardest, not feeling pregnant and wondering why, so at least that makes how you feel normal!

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I feel ya!


I am 16w 2d and still no movement. I felt DS2 at 13 weeks, so I've been waiting very impatiently these past few weeks for this babe. The further along I get without feeling him/her, the more I start to panic. I have all the aches, pains, aversions, sickness and exhaustion that comes along with pregnancy, but I don't 'feel' pregnant now without being able to feel the baby. Hopefully any day for all of us!

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Any updates yet ladies? I am 17w2d, and a few days ago I felt either baby or gas bubbles, but I'll just say baby :)

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I'll be 17 weeks thursday.  I choose to believe what I am feeling is the baby.  I have no idea if it is true. :)

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I'm having some weird movement-type feelings too, but nowhere near the full-on kicks I had with my other kiddos by this point.  It's weird... but I'm pretty sure that the sporadic twisty feelings are the baby smooshing him/herself around the place.

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I'm 18 weeks, I have been feeling wiggles sporadically, especially when I am sitting down, I think the baby moves around more when I slouch. One that I think qualifies as a real kick this morning, albeit small one. The wiggling is intensifying though, I joked with hubby yesterday that the baby is trying to make more room in there! I am feeling way more with this one than I did last time, DD was small. I wonder if this baby is going to be much bigger like his/her dad who was a whopping 23 1/2 inches at birth.

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