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Digestive trouble

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I have been having serious GI issues. Nauseous all day but not actually throwing up . I'm 6 weeks pregnant and starting last week I have been having really bad stomach cramps when I go to the bathroom. It's so bad it wakes me up at night . I never remember this happening with my first. I'm wondering if it's a digestive enzyme I'm lacking or if this is normal. I am not getting any sleep at night and usually get up three times a night to go. Any advice would be great !
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I had similar issues with this pregnancy (#4) that i've never had before... it seemed to go along with my m/s and as that got better (10-12 weeks) it got better..  the cramping was horrible though, more than once i woke up in the night and was SURE i was going to miscarry, but no, it was digestive..  probiotics helped some .. as did avoiding foods that made it worse, for me that was dairy, gluten, and most veggies ..  i ate a pretty limited diet for a while there, but it kept the 'episodes' it down to every other day..   i hope someone else has a better answer for you - from what i can tell it was part of morning sickness for me.. i'm 14 wks now and its been much better the past couple weeks..  

oh, and i also had all day nausea without actually throwing up with this..

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