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Transition from sling

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For both naps and bedtime, I put DD to sleep in the sling and then slide her into bed. The sling works wonders as a sleep inducer!


But, DD is approaching 2, and is getting a little heavy. Plus, I've got a bun in the oven. So I'm afraid we're going to need to give up the sling soon. 


Any other mamas that have been through this? How did you transition from falling asleep in the sling to falling asleep in bed?

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I started to slide my son out of the carrier or sling, off of me then onto the bed, at about 13 months. I would lay down with him at naps and then gradually, I was able to steal away for brief periods. As I recall, so long as I nursed him to sleep while he was on my knees (bouncing and jiggling for motion), I could start off sitting at the foot of the bed, feet on floor, baby in lap, then I just slid him onto the bed and laid beside him.

I don't think it took that long to transition, maybe a few months, so long as he had the motion to drift off while nursing. Somewhere around two years I was able to nurse him down for naps and at night, without any motion. At night I laid him across me and bounced him as he nursed, while I lay on my back.

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This was also my problem before,.but i solve it now. My DD is also heavy and carrying her until she gets sleep was too time consuming(she took alot of time before ahe sleeps). So I have tried sitting position while Im working in the internet and eventually she is asleep already. Then, I also try sleeping with her,.which is effective.

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