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OH no! So sorry about the dog dog. They do that. Mine was stressed like that too.


And oh Lily, thinking of you. Sounds so hard. Really happy to hear of Piper's progress. Hopefully you can take her home soon. stillheart.gif


Thursday: Glad to hear your midwife appt went well. I wouldn't worry about the 2 lbs...unless you have some specific reason to be worried. Could be water retention, baby dropping, etc. 

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Sorry for no personals, I am having difficulty keeping track between all the posts where everyone is with labor, babies, and no labor vibes so let me just say: labor vibes to all those that want it and stay put vibes to all those that are hoping for their LOs to stick around inside a little longer.  And of course, congratulations for all the LOs already born!  It is so exciting. 


Lily, I'm so sorry about the stressful antibiotics situation and not getting to bring Piper home.  Big hugs, Mama.


AFM, I spent my first week of maternity leave hanging out with my sister and nieces, which I really enjoyed, I feel like I just get to know each of them and their distinct personalities more and more, and it is so neat, they are such cool little people. Overwhelming, but cool.  The three big girls are going home today, their dad flew in last night to drive them down for school, so it will just be my twin, her 4.5 month old, and me next week. So we will be spending a lot of time getting ready for Q to arrive: hospital bag, fixing meals, and cleaning up after the whirlwind that is 3 little girls!  I must say, it is hard to keep on top of the cleaning with them all and I was just happy if I could get the toys picked up, the house swept, vacuumed, the table wiped off, and the kitchen clean each day, even if it wasn't in that state by the end of the day. 


B is home for the weekend, but flies out again on Monday, I know I'm not due for another week, but I really don't want to go into labor with him gone and have him possibly miss the birth.  He is flying into a smaller airport, which means less flights in and out, and is working an hour drive from the airport, so he likely couldn't get back that quickly if it came down to it.  I feel bad because my sister is hoping I go sooner rather than later, because she wants to be with her family, and I am hoping I go later, to make sure B is home.  Also, my midwife is gone until Tuesday on vacation. So sticky stay in there vibes for me...come on September...

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Hellllllooooo ladies!!   It pains me to no end to be unable stay "online" with you all during such an exciting time of the month for everyone!  (This is my first time w/laptop and I'm currently trading in my spare 10 minute "nap time" for this quick update/post before the next feeding/supplementing/pumping session is due, argh!!)..... Please know that I'm thinking of you ALL and hope to catch up on everyone's statuses real soon!!!!


Our son William Steven finally arrived on Tuesday the 14th, after an extra 2 week's wait, 29 hours of labor and an emergency c-section.  8 lbs 14 oz, 21" long!  Basically every intervention became necessary in our case, and we were the talk of the hospital (umm, so much for that birth plan - everything went out the window, lol!!).  After it all, I have no regrets though and William is here safe and sound and healthy!  Our doctor and the staff were just amazing.


Recovery has been quite difficult and I'm still waiting for my milk to come in (it's finally starting to today, yay!)... We are literally working round the clock with feeding, supplementing and pumping and I've not had more than a 1/2 hour's stretch of sleep since we started this adventure on Monday!  The continual support from DH and my inlaws have been truly amazing - since I can still barely get myself out of bed.... The timing of their arrival (that I was complaining about earlier) actually turned out to be such a blessing given the way things ended up and the additional support that we needed upon returning from the hospital.....


I will hopefully get to posting our birth story soon, and am still trying to catch up on everyone's updates.  Best wishes for your new baby bonding time, or for successful healthy births ahead!!  xoxoxo

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So good to hear from you NewMumJoy!   Congratulations on William!!!  Sorry to hear the recovery has been difficult, but hopefully with the milk coming in things will settle down some and you'll be able to get the healing you need.

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Welcome baby William!  So glad you are all doing well after a difficult labor and birth.  He's completely beautiful!!!  Can't wait to hear about the birth story when you get around to it.  I'm still trying to find time to get mine all down.  I hope you're resting comfortably and enjoying your little man.


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So wonderful to hear from you, Newmumjoy!  Welcome to baby William. joy.gif It is great that you are at peace with the birth and that your milk is coming in. I hope you have a speedy and calm recovery from now on.


Nothing happening here...40w 5 days. I did an acupuncture treatment yesterday but so far I am not noticing any signs of labor. I'm trying to remain patient.  Good thoughts and vibes to everyone.

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Thanks for all the low BP thoughts :),  Unfortunately shortly after I posted I went in for my NST with bp numbers so high that my midwife and I decided induction was the best option before we got the last set of labs back.  Good thing we decided not to wait since despite having no other symptoms (swelling, vision problems, protein in urine etc ..) and normal labs over the last two weeks my labs that day came back absolutely horrendous.  Definitely moderate/severe pre-e.  Thankfully little Gwen is okay and is now home.  I'll post my birth story later, right now little Gwen is calling for a nursing.

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Redtree, I am glad both you and Gwen are okay.  Welcome to Gwen, and enjoy your babymoon!

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