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anyone taking vitamin b6 for nausea?

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is it working for you? 

I've been taking 50mg every evening for the last few days (50mg was the smallest dose I could find at the pharmacy) and while it's definitly taken the edge off (i'm still a bit nauseous but def not as bad), I am still exhausted, week and shaky. 

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I was taking THorne's B#6 complex because of deficiencies in 6,12 and being an utter psycho during week 3 of my cycle and have just kept it up.  It has 200mg of B6 and I am still nauseous through that.  

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I was taking b6 and also add papaya enzyme tablets. The combo seemed to really help me get through the nausea. I was still really tired for a bit, but at least started eating and keeping food down. Good luck, mama! Hope you feel better soon.

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I would like to add that b12 can also help. I had hyperemesisgravidarum with my first three pregnancies, and now, with this one, I am still quite sick, but doing a lot better thanks to my knowledge of vitamins. Always with some kind of food, I take two super b stress complex with c. Plus, I take 100 mg of p5p, which is a much easier to assimilate form of b6. I take that combo about four times per day, and the difference is amazing.

It is easy to tell when you are taking too much b6 bc you will feel temporary numbness in your hands and arms. It is not harmful, but it is a sign to back off a little. The form that I take is about ten times more absorbable than regular b6, so I am taking quite a high dose. Although my diet is very, very good, I have a problem assimilating b6, so the higher doses are great for me.

I hope the b6 (and methylb12) continues to help everyone!
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I'm taking navidoxine which is a class b drug. But I'm totally useless without it. It's 50 mg b6 and 25 mg meclozine (antihistamine which blocks nausea receptors in the brain or something) and I take it once a day before bed. Every week or so I refrain from taking it for one day to see if the worst has passed. When I wake up a zombie the next morning I know it has not and I continue with the drug. If I didn't have little ones to care for already, I would try to just suck it up and spend my days moping around and sleeping. That's just not possible now!
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So... I was already taking 100 mg B6 because I had shortish luteal phases and then (just before conceiving this PG) an earlyish m/c that I suspected had to do with low progesterone.  I just continued to take my B6 after my BFP because of this issue (though my 5 week progesterone numbers were decent). 


It's highly unscientific, but I'd guess I had less m/s than the average woman and it was shorter in duration.  Certainly milder than anyone in my family (that I know of).  My m/s went like this: I had nausea, at first in the morning and eventually all day, but NEVER once threw up and never even felt like "I'm right about to throw up."  It was still super-annoying at times, made me feel "yucky" and I didn't feel like eating anything but noodles, but in the scheme of things, I think relatively mild.  It lasted from 5.5 weeks to yesterday (11.5 weeks), but really started tapering at 10.5 weeks. Hopefully it's over now.  


...I say all this because I assume the B6 I was taking anyway had a lot to do with my "reasonable" m/s.  Since this pregnancy seems super-sticky and my m/s seems to be over, I will probably taper off the B6 within the next week.   


Hope that helps!

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I started taking it when my MW suggested it.  I don't know that it's done very much for my nausea but I think it has helped my energy levels.

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Velveeta, could you share the brand of B6 you use?  

I am constantly gaggy and exhausted from insomnia, but not throwing up.  I wonder if some extra B would help.

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I am taking B complex for my emotions. I've been a rollercoaster ride this pregnancy with crying for no reason. It has helped me alot!!!!

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