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Ascher, love the nursery, love the bunting, love the quilt . . . I went back a bit into your blog and also love the cloth diapers you made!! you are one crafty momma, I envy that!


I'm prepping my CDs but I'm so sketch about ruining them that I'm hesitant to wash them.  I got Rumparooz and they use a less toxic waterproofing method that involves heat - so you shouldn't wash or dry them too hot, website says 'wash hot' but not to use sanitizing cycle . . . normal hot for a US washer is 130, but my washer is 145.  Am I the crazy lady who write to Rumparooz to find out what they mean by sanitizing cycle??


Thanks, MirandaM! As for the diapers, if the directions say to prep by washing a ton, then do it. A lot of times they need to be washed that many times to activate the most absorbancy. I don't know Rumparooz ( I hear they are awesome!) but if you invested in them, then YES e-mail or call them directly and ask them what they mean about the wash temp. I don't have an HE washer, so I don't know what the "sanitize cycle" is. I just recently got a bunch of OS GroVia diapers, and they are organic cotton with organic cotton soakers. I had to prep them by washing and drying them 5 times! But cotton and natural fibers require a lot of prep to make sure they are absorbant. Otherwise you end up with more leaking issues, since the fabric is not doing its job. I'd also make sure you use the detergents they approve.

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Originally Posted by MIrandaM View Post

I'm cleared for birthing center in six more days but really can't picture him coming that soon (or ever, to be honest).  If the baby comes completely on his own, but early, like 37-38 weeks - is that the same kind of conditions as if we're induced at that gestational age?  In terms of lung development and all of that?  I would think that he wouldn't come until he's ready, but I'm starting to have doubts now.  Can someone please, please tell me if they were similarly effaced and dilated for weeks/months before they had their first baby?  I need a mental reframe!

My first arrived at 37 weeks (plus a few days) 36 hours after my water broke, and he was a healthy 7 lbs, 6 oz. Usual breathing/apgar issues for high altitude birth, but he was doing great within minutes of being born. He's never had any problems associated with early inductions. It is hard to say why there is such variability in when babies are ready to breath on their own- everyone is different, and some conception dates are far more well-known than others.
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Originally Posted by MIrandaM View Post

The other thing that's been on my mind is this freaking midwife appointment . . . I wish I didn't know that I was already 3cm dilated and 65-75% effaced (1cm of cervix height 'left') and cervix mid-positioned, because now I'm obsessing. It was my one and only check, but if I had it to do over again I would definitely decline. 


My first was born at 38w0d.  She was a tiny 5lbs 14oz, but I was born at 42 weeks and just barely over 6lbs, and I"m only 4ft 10in, so I don't think it was just her gestational age.  It was a fast natural birth, and she was 100% ok.  There was no uncertainty about her dates either as she was conceived with fertility treatment.  I'm honestly hoping this baby will be born at 37-39 weeks.


I'm feeling closer and closer.  Plenty of increasing intensity contractions, just like my previous pregnancies.  I feel the contractions shoot up my spine and they almost make me dizzy.  Does anyone else feel contractions like this?  I'm going to bring it up with my midwife today.


Last night my SIL gave birth to a 9lbs 5oz baby boy (on DD2's birthday!) with "no drugs, no tears, no stitches" she wrote in an email to me.  I'm so excited and proud for her.  This was her second birth, and her first was an induction at 38 weeks with a forceps delivery, lots of wild issues with jaundice, an early thrush infection (likely due to the antibiotic drip during delivery), and in the end she formula fed.  This go round she was determined to breastfeed, and determined to not have a c-section (which is super common in her new area).  She asked me for advice and book suggestions.  My ILs tend towards very high intervention births and formula feeding (all 4 of MILS kids as well as all grandkids so far except my girls). 

Yesterday DD2 had a wonderful 3rd birthday.  She was super excited and full of smiles and giggles.  She kept dancing with excitement. joy.gif It was the  sweetest thing. love.gif  Now I'm back to my crazy to do list and feeling overwhelmed about keeping up.  I should get off of the computer and get on with the day.

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I had some crazy dreams last night...like barbarians fighting in leather uniforms.  Sorry not a very good explanation, but I have no idea where that came from!  I went to bed at 8:30 last night after finishing reading Birthing from Within.  So it is not like I watched a silly movie about fighting barbarians!  What does that mean?


Now that I finished Birthing From Within I have run out of books to read.  Any suggestions on things to do or read these last few weeks of pregnancy to prepare for birth?  Or should I just forget about reading and sleep!?!


I am feeling kind of bored, I have pretty much everything done for baby.  For work I feel like there is a lot to do but I can not help with much of it because we want to keep baby inside as long as possible (we are real estate investors and rehab houses).  So I feel like I am making work for myself and  I feel bad because DH is working his butt off.  I am actually thrilled because I have a continuing education class this afternoon, just to have something to fill up the day!

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Ava's Mama -- I too had wild dreams last night.. but... gosh.. it's almost embarrassing how terrible it was.  Like... MIL was murdered by the man across the street... and the older two girls and I discovered it when we went to visit her.  We didn't see a body or anything (and I have no clue how I knew clearly who the perpetrator would be), but did see a trail of blood where he had dragged the body down a hallway, a big bleach spot where he was trying to clean up the blood but did a poor job... ugh.. then, just as we were about to get the heck out of that house, he started walking through the front door, so I said loudly to the girls, "Looks like grandma is out running errands, we better get back home," because of course the murderer would just let us go... ? ... But I also was starting to dial 911 on my phone and leave it on and open so if he did anything it would be recorded. ... And I also was looking for a screwdriver to stab him in the neck with :/  ... Gah.  What a horrible, terrible dream.  And it was *right* before I woke up for the morning, so it's been on my mind all day!!  *shudder*


Trying to move along with the day (in spite of the dream!) and we'll be heading over to MILs (yeah, I'm pretty sure she's still around) and having a birthday lunch for dh before he heads to work.

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I am soooooo tired today....and Baby was VERY insistent I wake up this morning. Like kick kick kick (I adjust myself but keep sleeping) kick kick kick "ok, ok..." kick kick kick. I don't have any decent lunch food and I can't even drag myself to the car in this heat to get myself something...perhaps I can scrounge up something...so sick of veggie burgers at this point! ugh.


My dreams have mostly been about birth lately. I guess my mind is psychologically ready for it. Haven't had any go awry yet and none of them were anxiety ridden, just excitement, which is a change, because prior to this pregnancy practically all my dreams were anxiety dreams.

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Ava's, honestly, I would rest! Spend some quality since time with friends, DH, and yourself. Go to the store unencumbered and enjoy the silence! I am wishing DH, DS and I could have another getaway, but at this point with timing, we need to do something just in town.
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Well, the birth pool I rented was just dropped off! Now if only these sporadic braxton hicks would just turn into the real thing...

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Ugh ladies..i woke up last night with cramping which turned out to be my probiotic doing its job. I've been having braxton hicks on and off all day long but they intensified a few hours ago. Babygirl is not moving as much and i can feel her head and shoulders rubbing/grinding in my pelvis. Definitely never had that with the other two (the feeling of baby being so low). Some of those contractions are right on top of one another and that coupled with the runs and constant nausea led me to finally pack my hospital bag (sort of). I'm only 35 weeks so i'm hoping baby will stay in for a bit longer. I have my gbs test tomorrow too...
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MissE,  I'm packing my bag tonight! I should have done it a week ago.  Hope that babygirl stays a bit longer and that your GBS is negative!


Judybean & Ava'smama, the pregnancy dreams are so vivid and realistic aren't they??  During my first tri I remember dreaming of horrible, really horrible disgusting things and it sticking with me all day. 


Thank you very, very much to everyone who posted about their healthy early baby <3

LO has moved even further down, I have almost a full hand's width of space between the underside of my breasts and my belly now - it looks weird but honestly, feels GREAT!! I can breath so well now.  I went for a 45 minute walk with the dog this morning and was barely huffing and puffing.  Jolts down my inner thigh and booty continue, they're on both sides now, was just the right side before. It's weird because they are so sharp and so quick that it makes me burst out a little laugh involuntarily and bend at the waist - and then after two-three seconds it's gone.  I get them when I sit on the toilet too - I think the seat just pushes my pelvis into a funny place, I had to stand up mid-pee the other day because it was so sharp! Dignified times :)  


My appetite has greatly diminished and my energy level is UP.  Lots of painless BH. Got up early and have been crackin' on a bunch of chores and I feel so good.  Almost eerily good.  Had two dreams last night that the baby came early and I had to give birth in the hospital. In one dream I had to waddle down the hall and say to the nurses, 'I'm ready to have the baby' and they just stared at me. My body's also emptying out a bit - maybe it's because I'm eating so lightly. 


I feel great because it's either that I'm getting closer to having this kid, or that I'm just feeling good, in which case I can happily wait another five weeks :) I just feel energetic but settled and content to face whatever comes my way.  Hello mood swings, because just a couple of days ago I was so anxious, irritated and terrible to be around!

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Good morning everyone!

Good luck to all getting their gbs tests soon, and to those awaiting results! Mine is thankfully not until 36w3d, so I have an extra week to let my probiotics and everything do their job. I can say that even if they don't clear out the GBS, they have been worthwhile to take. That crazy raging yeast infection that I had lingers on and is diminishing finally, thankfully. I was prescribed more diflucan for it but that stuff makes me feel like crap and if I can avoid it at all if possible, it's great. The infection always comes back as soon as the medication leaves my body. Stupid candida...

Oh, and can I just say that my husband is being a complete not understanding jerk this morning? My DD1 goes to occupational therapy Thursday mornings. Every week I check the radar as soon as I wake up. If there is a storm on the way with more than just drizzle and sprinkles, we opt not to go and I call the OT to let her know. I think my husband truly thinks I'm lazy, his attitude about it is ridiculous and I'm just not willing to argue about it. There is just no way that I'm dragging my DD out into a thunderstorm only to take a bus and a train crowded with people. She has a water aversion (on her face) and severe social anxiety, along with being a selective mute. That is just too stressful of a situation to put her in.

Just had a hugeee contraction, that's always fun...

So today my goal is cleaning. Organizing. Washing baby clothes. Not so fun tasks, but they have to get done. I've been having trouble keeping up the house because my husband has a different view of what "clean" is. Yesterday I printed out some tiny checklists and taped them up by the light switches in each room so that I'll remember to do the things before I go to bed.. They're sort of "end of day" chores. I also made a weekly chore list and stuck it on the fridge.. My daily tasks won't be possible without the weekly ones. I hope this little system works out, lol.

The things that are bothering me about the house are small things. Maybe it's nesting. I would just love to come home from work (usually 11pm or later) and not have to worry about starting the dishwasher, clearing the dinner table and scraping plates, or sweeping dried spaghetti off of the floor. Yuck!
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Well, by either date you look at, I'm term now. 37 weeks! Crazy!


I opted out of the GBS screening and Rhogam (I'll get it after the birth), so my appointment was pretty short. I hope I made the right choices about GBS. I've been negative with the other 3 and I honestly just didn't feel like doing it when I got there. After hearing that routine screening on low risk women is not even done in the medical model most places, I decided to opt out at the last minute. She frowned, but assured me it was fine. She did say the baby was vertex, which I'd had this weird paranoia about, so I was thrilled to hear. The midwife seemed to be convincing herself, though. lol She kept saying, "That's a head." I'm just going to go with it for now.


I have sooo much to do to be ready for this baby. With the other 3, I've gone 2-3 weeks past my due date and I'm kind of counting on that right now. If I had this baby today, I'd be screwed! I have bouts of anxiety about it every night, but can't seem to do more than regular cleaning during the day. The common areas of the house are in good shape from a thorough cleaning Mon, which is good because I was useless yesterday. I barely fed myself and then went with the kids to a LLL meeting where I lingered before rushing to a therapy appointment for the 7 year old (which was one long meltdown on his part) and calling SO on my way back all but melting down to him. He was amazing about it, though. He came home, brought me Panera, and then left me at home while he took the boys to dinner. I was just so burnt out on mothering. :-p And I'd barely done any all day! I was in a much better place by the time they got home. School starts next week. Hopefully that will help and not just add stress.


I've just been foul mooded most of this week. Really restless, but lazy at the same time and just bored with it all by the end of the day. So much for all my plans and energy about maternity leave. But I'm determined to get off my ass and get things done around here. The boys go with their father for a trip this afternoon and I have until Sunday to assuage my anxiety about the porch full of boxes to be unpacked and piles of baby stuff to be sorted. I had such grand plans when we moved in here a couple months ago. sigh SO got up and got the boys dressed and fed and in front of the TV before he left for work this morning and told me to sleep in, but it didn't work out. I'm holed up in my room typing this and drinking a protein shake atm. I think it's high time I got in gear and the coffee maker is downstairs. A friend comes over at noon, so maybe that'll motivate me to get crackin' on the kitchen and living room. Wish me luck!

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Crazy Dreams: I've had my fair share of those! Last week I had one where I was running outside to move out of the area where a bomb was about to hit! It was so vivid and so strange. Then two nights ago I had a dream I was being chased by the government but that everything was a zombie wasteland so I had zombies to contend with as well. The scariest part though is that my daughter fell and got knocked unconscious somehow, it was a relief to wake up from that dream and to see that she was fine. 


Birth Books: I haven't read any yet this pregnancy! LOL. But this past week I have finally been hit by the pelvic pain..it really just started in the last few days. I  suppose it means things are loosening up and getting ready for the baby to drop and to be born. So I've been doing a lot of laying down since sitting is so uncomfortable, not only does the pelvis hurt but I have more BH in a sitting position than laying down or standing. I would like to reread Birthing from Within, and since i keep hearing such good things I want to read Ina Mays Guide to Childbirth as well. 


GBS: My next appointment on Aug 28th (and from then on its every week). I'll get the standard blood draw to check iron levels and she said she would do the GBS test but that its something I can decline if I'd like to. I've never had GBS so I'm thinking I will go ahead and decline this time. 


So I may be crazy, but I've decided to go back to home schooling my kids. I actually thought about it all summer and finally decided. They went to public school for the first time last year. Even though they did fine academically, my son didn't actually progress in any way, shape or form - except he learned how to sit in the classroom without being disruptive which was difficult for him in the beginning lol. Both my kids are way ahead in their comprehension/reading skills and I feel that they will progress much faster at home and be a lot less bored. My daughter had a wonderful kindergarten teacher though who was Waldorf trained even.  My DD actually enjoyed it. So i was surprised when she began begging very early in the summer, along with her brother, to home school instead of go back to this public charter school we had them in for a year. Since I will be home with baby Benji for quite some time, I finally decided I would go ahead and begin home schooling again. I always told my kids I was open to home schooling again. But my daughter has informed me she wants to go to a regular high school someday so she can be a cheerleader, lol. My MIL and BIL responded very very negatively when they found out we would be home schooling again - telling me how hard it would be with a baby, how hard it is since my kids are different ages, blah blah blah. MIL has a daughter that home schools: she homeschools a daughter with ADHD and another daughter with Aspergers! But apparently I shouldn't be homeschooling and I'm totally making a mistake because it will be impossible to get back into this charter school (there's a waiting list) if "things don't work out". They also said how hard it is now and if they fail state testing at the end of the year they will have to go back public school anyway. This is totally not true and I explained to them how that part works and that I'd done just fine with my DS from K-2nd and he ended up way ahead (and bored) in his 3rd grade public school class. Blah. Anyway. It's easy for this kind of convo with my MIL to go south, and I've learned to take the high road and just thank her heartily for her input winky.gif It's not like I don't know the challenges of home school and I know having a baby and home schooling two older ones won't be a piece of cake but can't I just get some support? Okay, vent over. 


*Sigh*. I have so much to do and the BH and the pelvic pain are kicking my butt right now. I am continuing to nest in shifts. Nest, rest, nest, rest, nest, rest. LOL. 

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Dreams.. no zombies or murders, but my friend's divorce was finalized the day before yesterday, and that night I definitely had exactly the kind of bad dream you might expect. That wasn't fun.


Reading.. Right now I'm reading The Big Book of Birth, which is not actually that big, but is just what I wanted right now- good review of labor/birth info, natural coping/pain relief, and description of pros/cons of interventions that could come up (in a way that doesn't assume that's what you want or what's always best, but isn't over-the-top negative about cases in which they might become necessary or wanted). It tracks pretty closely to the CBE class we did, actually. I've got a couple of BFing books to flip through on the Kindle. I'd really like to watch some good birth videos with my husband.. maybe I'll start a thread for suggestions? 


AFM, Yesterday was 8/15. My EDD is 9/15. Wow. My really good news is that I got everything re: maternity leave officially worked out with the agency funding my work. I was really stressed about how it was going to go over, but they were really understanding/flexible- apparently they don't have official policies for this kind of thing, but were more than willing to work with me. (The possible drawback.. I told a friend and he said good, now you can focus your insanity on having a baby.. which now makes me wonder if I will in fact invent something else to worry about, or whether I'll just be able to take it easy. Obviously hoping for the latter!)


I've had both bad and good sleep this week. Still getting the arthritis-y hands in the morning, and I've had some mild nausea some mornings. The latter may be partially related to drainage from what's hanging on of the cold, but I know it's also not uncommon to have some resurgence of m/s at this point. You know, in case we were missing it. ;)

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Yeeska, at my appointment yesterday, I asked my midwife about what I thought was the Very Necessary GBS test. She grinned and told me all of the statistic about what percentage of babies who get it come from women who test negative and how few babies get it at all, etc, etc. She said the only reason they really encourage it is if a woman is high risk (has a history of GBS type infections, like UTIs; has tested positive in the past, etc) OR because the hospital, if the homebirth ends up going there, will automatically give antibiotics to a woman who didn't take the test "just in case." I wouldn't worry too much if I were you.


She also said that everything looks spot on - fundal height, my stats, baby head down (now with the hand NOT next to the face). Taking my prenatal vitamin today, I noticed there weren't many left in the bottle. I counted, and they run out the day I hit 36 weeks! I have another little bottle stashed away to keep going, but these were my nice, splurgy organic ones (as opposed to the on-sale ones), and I was a little tickled at how the timing will work out.


The pelvic/back pain hasn't been nearly as noticeable the past few days, but DH and I went to see "To Rome With Love" last night, and the wiggle worm was kicking the right side of my rib cage the whole time! It's another pregnancy thing I've heard about so often and wondered 'what's it like to hae bruised ribs from a baby?' and now I have a good idea.


Other than that, finally starting to get the house in order. The baby's room now looks almost nursery-like (still acquiring a few things) and the guest bedroom has absorbed my writing things/books/extra sewing supplies, whereas a week ago both rooms looked like disaster areas. I'm finalizing my list of things to order off of amazon (thank goodness for all of the gift cards people gave!). I'm planning a final grocery run for dried beans & rice so I can cook up big batches and freeze them in 2-person servings for the first few babymonths. It HAS been much easier to do all this since the mornings have been a smidge cooler. Waking up to temps above 80 for much of the summer made it difficult to do anything but hunker down in the basement with ice water and olympics streaming off the internet, but lately it's been cool enough to do things like toast granola or sweep the entire house or just plain spend time on the top floor.

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Hey a quick question: I've been napping for like 2 hours everyday! I sleep through most of the night, too. Is this too much? I find I wake up in the morning and get this fatigue that doesn't subside until like 1 or 2 in the afternoon, which is odd, if i'm sleeping so much! Then, of course, at night I'm not tired yet at our bedtime.


I'm excited for this weekend. I have a home visit with midwives and doula and then a baby shower! I also met with a pediatrician last night. They were nice enough to schedule in the evening and called me when they ran over so I wouldn't have to share the waiting room with sick children. The doctor was fine with my home birth. He simply wanted to make sure we had a plan and back-up doc in case of an emergency. I did find it really funny that he couldn't believe that the midwives will come to my house anytime, anyday. He just couldn't fathom that. I can't wait to tell my midwives, they'll get a chuckle!


Yes, believe it or not, my midwives do not operate on their own schedule. They operate on my schedule!

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Back from my ob appointment. Everything is fine, i hardly gained anything in the past six weeks (3lbs) i think. I guess my body puts on weight ewrly in pregnancy. Gbs test went good, i guess i'll hear from them if it's positive. Ob also checked my cervix and it's not posterior but still closed. Fine with me, i still have 5 weeks to go, even though i'd be totally ok with only two more weeks.
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Originally Posted by ascher21 View Post

Hey a quick question: I've been napping for like 2 hours everyday! I sleep through most of the night, too. Is this too much? I find I wake up in the morning and get this fatigue that doesn't subside until like 1 or 2 in the afternoon, which is odd, if i'm sleeping so much! Then, of course, at night I'm not tired yet at our bedtime.

have you had your iron checked recently?

my GBS came back negative, that was a relief. 37+1 today.. had a few small contractions yesterday but not much today. DS slept in until 11am! I was shocked! he's usually up by 830 or 9 at the latest!
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madimamacita: I've had it tested twice and both were great. I have it tested again saturday, so we'll see. Perhaps getting up throughout the night is just not letting me get the REM sleep I need. Plus I am carting around 35 extra lbs. When I nap during the day I am literally drooling on my pillow, so it is very deep sleep! 

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I didn't have the GBS test.  I dont' even think it came up in discussion this time around (I declined it last time... never had issues with it, don't figure I do now).  Did get my birth kit on Wednesday (SO FAST!  Just ordered it Monday around noon!).  Working on sewing up a few more things... so much more I wanted to get sewn, but I think I'll just see what NEEDS to be done, get to work on that, and figure the rest will eventually just fall into place.


Feeling slightly overwhelmed with everything.  Dh's ordination is this coming Tuesday.  We'll head down Monday because there's a rehearsal on Tuesday morning and we live 5-6 hours away... so two nights in hotel rooms.  While it could be nice, I'm not looking forward to hotel beds :/  They're just never comfortable for me... and especially this far along in pregnancy I just don't think it will be pleasant at all.  Oh, and this weekend (well, tomorrow and Saturday), we're having a garage sale at MILs with BIL/SIL as well.  I have nothing ready yet.  And it starts tomorrow.  *gah*.


So... garage sale, ordination, baby... okay, the garage sale isn't a huge deal, but it's time-consuming and I feel like there isn't enough time for ANYTHING lately.  I'm sure it doesn't help that dd4 has been sleeping SO TERRIBLY for a while now.  I feel like I hardly get any sleep at night because she just won't settle down, so I'm going back and forth between her room and ours (eventually I do bring her into our bed, but I really want to *try* to see if I can get her sleeping in her bed like she was doing so well for a while)... and of course freaking out over how a new baby is going to play into all of my NON-SLEEP.


Meh.  At least I got two pairs of nice nursing pads made up.  I think I'll make at least four more sets of these.  I think they should work pretty well.  They're two layers of wonderfully thick bamboo fleece topped with a layer of fuchsia bamboo velour.  One is flipped over just for fun to show off the soft bamboo fleece.  They're about 6" in diameter.


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