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IRT constipation: Fish oil, alfalfa pills, I even got some of the fiber you can add to tea.

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As I've been reading along this week, it's pretty cool to see how everyone's bodies are changing to get ready for the big day! And it's good to be reminded that all the changes and practice doesn't necessarily mean baby's coming any time soon. My mom did tell me the key to having a baby is patience...


Hope everyone has a good weekend!

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Off topic rant warning:


I'm sure most of us are familiar with the Bumbo baby seats. I know a lot of people use them and like them, but since 2007 there have been 3 'recalls' warning people not too use them on elevated surfaces as babies have a habit of tipping themselves out of them onto the floor, resulting in skull fractures, etc. In Canada, the last recall was yesterday - basically it's just a warning sticker and a strap to try and make them a little harder to fall out of.


My SIL got a bumbo for her little girl a couple months ago, and the first thing she posted was a picture of the baby on the table, in the bumbo. I passed on the information on not using them up high, and left it at that (this is one of my few in laws I'd say I don't get along with very well.) Yesterday, I posted the link to the new recall on facebook. Well, this morning she posts a video of their now almost 6 month old, in her bumbo, on the table, with no one within arms reach, while their 3 year old sings to her. Baby is now easily big enough to tip herself out onto their tile floor. :( With any of my other relatives I'd just send the link and not worry about it, but I know this one would be insulted, and ignore it anyways so there's really no point. I guess you can't cure stupid, it's just too bad that if something happens it's the baby that's going to pay for it.


Thanks for letting me get that off my chest! Back to your regularly scheduled programming! lol

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Carlin, you're absolutely right. You can't cure stupid. I just had a conversation about this recall and really, it isn't the manufacturer's fault - it's that people completely lack common sense. Sheesh. It's pretty sad when these people need to be told not to make bad decisions. 

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Oh and I'm 38 weeks tomorrow. I have tons of BHs, especially when walking. So I was thinking of taking a long walk, but if I do that, I will be incredibly sore and if labor doesn't start... I will just be miserable and sore. Ugh. I'll just have sex instead. LOL


Oh and remember my BFF who miscarried mid-July right before my baby shower? Well, she is pregnant again! I hear women tend to be super fertile after a m/c. So excited for her. She's excited but terrified. 

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Hey, if you had a jacuzzi tub in your master bathroom, would you also get a birth tub (fishie pool) to have (downstairs) in the common living space/near the kitchen?


Spefically this one, which is surrounded on 3 sides by a wall, but in a bathroom big enough to have a glider in and still navigate easily (I'm really not crazy rich, the house we're renting just has this ridiculous master bath for some reason).






Would you be worried about giving birth in the tub, with what potential mess it might involve? I would leave the jets off...

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Congrats to the mamas having their little ones!  How exciting :)


I'm still here, still shooting adamantly for September (LOL, I told my OB firmly September!) but between family life, work, home renovations, and heartburn I've just been to exhausted to post much or at all.


Hit 34 weeks today so one more week until a big goal (I can deliver in town with my OB at 35 weeks) and two more weeks until we move...then I can worry about having babies.  Things are *really* tight and Baby C managed to FLIP.  I'm not sure how she managed that since I have never had any of my children flip, all being head down since mid-pregnancy.  So now I have three babies, all head down but I told them, they have to stay put.  My portion of the move is moving kids and I have three packed and ready to go ;)

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Yeeska- we had friends over for dinner on Thursday, and their almost 4 year old asked to sleep over, so I told him he could sleep over on Friday night. Then we all realized I could theoretically go into labor, and then we'd have a child to contend with also :). But he spent the night (he's playing with my sweetheart right now), there's been no labor, and it's been a delight having him over. He hasn't slept over since he was old enough to consistently want to be here the whole night/morning, when he was younger sometimes there would be some tears and wanting to call mama and papa, now he couldn't leave his apartment fast enough to come with us and I don't think he's mentioned his parents the whole time he's been here :). So I hope your baby sitting will go really well, too! Your tub looks alot like the tub where I will be laboring/birthing at the birthing clinic. I've never given birth before, so my opinion should be taken with as much salt as you can handle, but at the birth clinic they are able to clean the tub just fine. For me, I am very much in favor of using durable things (a tub that already exists as a permanent structure) rather than buying more plastic. It also looks like it would be far more comfortable than a fishy pool!  

Ava's mama, I'm thinking of going to the chiropractor next week. I'm fine, I haven't had much back pain in the past 2 months, but I read and she told me that a chiropractor appointment after week 37 can help make the birth go easier. It seems a little silly to see a care provider when there's nothing wrong, but maybe it's a good idea. I'd be fine if she said the little one is arriving soon- I'm 37+5 today, and I was born at 36 weeks and my sweetheart was born at 37, so I really thought ours would come this week. Maybe next week :). I hope your little one comes at the perfect time for it and you.  

World Shakers, my fetus is super low too. My pelvic bone is sore, and when I sit for a while, and then I stand up, it takes a few minutes until I can actually fully stand up, because the fetus is restricting my movement. I'm using a pretty awkward upright position on my bike now too, because my pubic bone area is kind of fleshier and bigger now so my saddle pushes on it. The midwife says it's the fetus's head taking up space.

I started maternity leave on Thursday and it's been fun!

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My water just broke!!!!!
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MadiMamicita!!!! Congratulations. Hope your birth progresses just like it should.

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Originally Posted by MadiMamacita View Post

My water just broke!!!!!

How exciting!! Sending vibes for a beautiful birth.
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thanks! contractions about 5 mns apart now!
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Yeeska- I would LOVE to birth in that tub.  You could have the jets on during labor and turn them off when things get 'serious' you know?

I'd stick with the tub.  the less things to clutter and worry about.

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Oh my!  Madimamacita- you're going to be FABULOUS!

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I haven't posted all week and I am so excited to check in and see your post, MadiMamacita! I can't wait to hear about the birth!!!

On the other hand, I need my guy to STAY PUT. He should- I'm just 35 weeks tomorrow....but we move on Sept 5!!!
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woohoo madimamacita! Your little one is on the way!

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Easy birthing vibes coming your way, MadiMamacita!!!  


Holy wow, we're having another baby....

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Madimamacita: Wohooo....happy labor vibes your way. Maybe baby is here already. Good luck.

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Originally Posted by MissE View Post

Madimamacita: Wohooo....happy labor vibes your way. Maybe baby is here already. Good luck.

yeahthat.gif Can't wait to hear about your LO!

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Madi - Yahoo! So excited to hear updates!


Mole Re chiro/osteopath:  Yes, seeing a chiro or osteopath through or even just near the end of pregnancy can be really helpful to make sure the pelvic etc is aligned and help make for a smoother and faster birth!  I say go for it!  I really have no other symptoms that labor is soon, but DD snuck up pretty quick so who knows.  My midwife responded to my freak out email and said she had never heard of an osteopath making that sort of prediction but it does make sense.  So she just encouraged me to just try to relax and come to terms that it COULD happen this coming week or maybe not.  She also offered to do an internal exam, which I have waived. 


Have a great weekend everyone!

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