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spotlight on 2sweetsparrows

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What is your ideal date?
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Hi everyone- I have been kind of MIA form here but am super excited to get into the MDC sphere!!


My ideal date would be my husband and I going to a farm to table dinner- drinking a little too much wine in a quaint town, laugh till our tummy's ache,  running around having a bit of mischief like a date we had last year where we did the deed on the trampoline in the back yard of the abandon house in our neighborhood and finishing the night off with a living room dance party to old favorites- falling asleep in each others arms filled with love and out of breath.


HOWEVER these days- life looks a bit different and a nice couples massage followed by a movie in a spa hotel sounds more like that would fit my current needs : )

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Hi there!

What's your favorite thing to do on Saturday? What necessary chore/activity do you like the least?
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Hi Crystal, I am due a day after you- I think it will be 9/25 but my dr. gave me 9/24- YAY!!


We live in the bay area so I love getting out to the beach or a nice hike through the redwoods and stop by a farm to pick strawberries and possibly finish off the night having dinner with friends- there are lot's of great farm to table restaurants in the area that are really quality.  - We call these Saturdays- adventure days are becoming rare though- honestly- that leads to the second part of your question- 


Some weekend days are spent doing chores- I love projects outside or big projects but I loath putting laundry away- part of the reason for this is that we always choose to love in old craftsman/victorian houses and they always have the WORST storage.  So I have to come up with lots of alternative furniture and baskets for clothes, so this includes folding and stuffing and wow, I dream of a walk in closet.

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I loath putting laundry away- part of the reason for this is that we always choose to love in old craftsman/victorian houses and they always have the WORST storage.  So I have to come up with lots of alternative furniture and baskets for clothes, so this includes folding and stuffing and wow, I dream of a walk in closet.

Bwhahahah. Whenever I'm telling someone about our house, I say, "our house was built in 1952, before they believed in closets."

Do you think you'll go early? Late? Any date that you're leaning towards? Do you feel like things are getting close? Or does it still feel pretty far away?
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I also loathe putting the laundry away - European apartments still don't believe in closets!!

Love your description of the dream date <3 <3 <3 Especially the farm to table part, we also go that direction when looking for good restaurants.


What are your farm-to-table type dreams?  Do you long for honeybees or chickens or a backyard garden? Dream of a good source of artisan cheese or bread? :)

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stillheart.gif  Thank you for the comments/Questions Miranda and Crystal!!


Totally on the "they did not believe in closets- I have to admit a horrible mother thing- as we do the nursery- we have a very large dresser and armoir- and I am still taking the babies closet for my clothes 2whistle.gif I figure his are small- we will have to figure something else out later.  


Early or Late?  Well actually this is kind of the biggest topic these in my pregnancy these days.  My dh was an 11 lb baby- and his father and mother are small people- like both 5'4 and thin.  We do not know if she was ever tested for gestational diabetes, but I have pictures of him- we had real fat thighs and was a big guy- and the funny thing is- now he is a average guy- 5'11 middle range weight.  So- my little guy- we call him Ert, is big- my fundle height grew on two weeks 3 inches then again the next two weeks and I only gained a pound or two- so my OB said "it's the baby, not you"  SO we did a scan to check the severity- although there is a 20% margin of error ...?!?  he is measuring a little over two weeks ahead and we are 100% sure of the conception date.  Because of this there is some murmurs about the possibility of induction of he looks like for sure he will be over 9 lbs.  I really want to go into labor naturally- yet I really do not want a c section- so I am weighing the possibilities.  Now I WISH that there were a correlation between a large baby and early arrival, that would solve all of my problems :)  So now we wait- we will check again next tuesday and see what is up with the little guy- I fell like for a while I was much "bigger" than gals as pregnant as me- however this last week- in my breastfeeding class- I was noticing that there are gals as big as me- so maybe he just grew early and is going to slow down...Peace.gif  sorry about my essay of an answer, this has been on my mind- I just want to do it all the old way, no IV no intervention, done.


It feels far, yet the weeks fly by, and I still have a few things to do.  I start a Masters program on Monday (yeah I know) and I feel like I am wanting him to come early so I can just get on with life- but it may be easier if he hangs in for a while- It is so hard with the first dealing with the unpredictability of arrival...  


Miranda- I love your questions of the farm to table dreams- because this is on the miss of most of my friends and family, seems like the fun- dream topic of the last 5 years- 


My best friend moved out here from New York and is a chef- she is top notch foodie and really became a mover and shaker in the Santa Cruz scene.  We have always dreamed of having a farm to table cafe together, in addition my dh best friend is close to buying a property to try out a couple acre farm.  I would love nothing more than to get a property here in NorCal and have a house and a few acre artisinal farm and chickens and goats- I grew up on a small farm- that went by the wayside when my parents really chose professional careers over that, My issue is that my dh is a engineer, and I am in social work, therefore we kind of need to be near the hustle and bustle of the urban environment.  I also love being in an urban neighborhood- so our compromise- ideally would be to have a cafe- and dh would continue working- in a city where we have an old house- and do a urban garden- chicken thing- and my best friend- live out of town with the garden and things, and she would grow food and make cheese (goat) out there.  My dh dreams of retiring in Costa Rica or Nicaragua on land possibly buy a baby boomers B&B and do a farm/food/B&B.  All dreams for now but suer fun to think about- thank you for the uplifting question!


What are your farm to table dreams??  I love hearing them!

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How did you and your husband meet?


When you were a kid did you ever had a "secret hideout" type of place or treehouse or anything?

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Thanks Worldshakerz great questions,


Funny my husband and I met at a bar when I was 19 and he was 28, I had a fake ID.  He asked me to go back to his house for 'breakfast' something I otherwise would never do- but this one time- I decided it was a good idea- I went to his house and was really into him- however I would not kiss him because the house was too nice- it looked like a woman lived there and there were decorations that looked like a woman lived there.  He swore to me he was divorced.  I made him produce a certificate of divorce before I would hang out with him any further.  He was divorced 6 moths before that.


We dated very casually for a few years- like very on and off, then parted ways because I moved to Boston and he to the bay area.  fast forward about 5 years and several Significant others' on both our parts- I drunk dial him after a night of partying, I had to call information, I kept getting other men by his name.  I was going to give up.  After trying to find him on like 10 different occasions- the night I got in touch with him I told myself to give up and this was the last time I was going to try.  I got in touch with him and the only reason he answered at 1am - 2am his time (I was a bartender)- was because he had been in Costa Rica and got sick so he was off of work.  we talked for hours, on the way home from that trip him and his girlfriend broke up- the trip solidified that they could not be together.   If I had called him a week earlier things may have turned out differently.  We then started talking a lot, then I visited him 3 times that year and he, me twice and I moved in with him a year later.  We got married, a few years after that then here we are 8 years later with a baby on the way!


I grew up in rural New Mexico, a very beautiful place.  I grew up on a little farm in an adobe house, we had an abandon adobe chicken coop that I used as my hide out I also loved playing at the base of the cottonwood trees.

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