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freaking out about fleas, please help!

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If any of you ladies have insight or advice re: fleas, please read and post in my thread on the Pets forum. I am pretty sick about it all and feel like I've lost my perspective. And am currently trying to convince my baby that me singing while posting on MDC is similar to paying attention to her, and about to check out of the hotel we fled to to escape the fleas so won't recap it here.


Thanks in advance.



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Oh so sorry! Do you have a chemical free company you could hire? We love ours here in Austin! We dealt with fleas about a year ago and we don't even own a pet, which was pretty frustrating to say the least. We vacuumed every day and they were still pretty bad in certain spots so we hired a chemical free exterminator. I should say we just added the flea plan as we already had hired them due to scorpions, two of which we found in our bed...:/ Hope you find a solution soon!

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Fleas are horribly nerve-wrecking, in addition to just being physically irritating. SO sorry lala! :hugs:

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fleas suck so bad, last time we were able to defeat them with natural remedies, borax and lots of vacumning, the time before that I ended up resorting to a pest control company and nasty poison.

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oh yeah and we got one of those steam mops and I am not sure it helps but I feel like it does, I feel like the steam kills all the eggs that can stay unhatched for over a year or something stupid like that until they sense people are around and then they hatch.This is totally a made up theory by me, but since we have started using the steam mop the flea problem has become a thing of the past.

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Well, we seem to be making progress here with daily vacuuming of everything and the cat being medicated again. We are only combing a couple of live ones a day off of her so I think this is progress. Of course about 100 times a day I am sure I feel something biting my feet but when I look down I don't see anything so I hope I am just being paranoid. We ended up hiring someone to vacuum a couple of times a week to save our sanity. I called and left a message with a pest control place last week but I never heard back so I guess we weren't meant to go that route yet. I think we  are winning the battle without poison (except for what we're spraying into the vacuum bag every day)


Ugh ... can't wait till this is over. Poor baby girl is spending more time than she would like in a playpen because I can't stand to have her on the floor. 


Interesting about the steam mop, Courtney. Those sneaky cocoons are super hard to kill. I read that 30 minutes in the dryer will kill them so I bet a long slow steam would do it too.


Thanks for all the advice and sympathy!

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Hugs mama!! That would drive me crazy! I am so sorry that you are having to figure this out. I am glad things seem to be turning toward the better.

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