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I posted this on FB, there is some SERIOUS judgment of FF families in here, but I think also some important reading of BF as a feminist, humanist act.




The MO of this blog is to be holier than thou, tagline "the snobby side of parenting" Totally to drum up readership, imho.  it is the origin of that popular "timeline of a breastfed baby" so I would take it all with a grain of salt, but still worth a read if you are interested in the debate for its own sake and not as a personal judgment of individuals.


Let me just remind you guys of the cardinal rule of the internet that I started to break and then stopped myself "If you want to stay sane, don't read the comments!"

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Thanks for posting that site.  On another article I loved this part since it validated how hard it was for me those first few attempting to entertain visitors with a brand new nursing baby.  I look back and shudder at the stress of it all.  

EVACUATION OF UNWANTED GUESTS. ...as guests swamp your house when all you want to do is curl up and die.




And this one was worth a read


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