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First time mom with a 3.5 month old, many questions!

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So, I am a first time mother with a 4 month old daughter who doesn't seem to do/like normal baby things!

She only takes 1-2 naps a day, and they range from 10 minutes - 45 minutes. So I have LOTS of awake time with her, but she doesn't seem to be a fan of many things, she gets bored really easily.


I need some suggestions of things to do to keep her the happy clam that I know she is! She isn't colicky, just picky.

She doesn't get too interested with toys, except for a few stuffed animals, she hates tummy time for any longer than a few minutes, she doesn't like to be in anything such as car seat, bouncer, swing, etc...


She also doesn't seem to look in the mirror when I try to get her to. The main thing she likes to do is loooong walks outside. But that sure gets tiring. She isn't rolling over yet, but I think it will happen soon. 


She has a flat side on her head, so I'm trying to limit the amount of time on the floor, so I need to entertain this goober! also, I've only heard her laugh twice, and I really wanna try to get more...


ANY suggestion as to how to keep my picky goober happy will be GREATLY appreciated...


Please help.

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She likes walks in a stroller or carrier?  Have you tried using a carrier while doing things around the house? 

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My DD didn't tolerate the swing, but did like a Johnny Jump Up. She also loved being in a sling or  backpack and just doing chores with me.

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My babies have all been greatly enthralled with ceiling fans.

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DS didn't like the swing much either. He loved being in the sling while I did chores, he usually slept for longer stretches in the sling than he did when I laid down with him. He also loved the Johnny jump up, I think he liked sitting up like a big boy in it...

Don't stress too much over tummy time.. Lots of babies don't like it and it really isn't that big of a deal if they don't get much of it. I didn't do much tummy time with my son and he is developing fine and loves playing on his own now (11 mo)

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My baby is the same age smile.gif

+1 for the ceiling fan.

I take him to story time at the public library, it's for babies under one year and is pretty fun, lots of singing and such... Mostly he likes looking at the other babies! We also check out a bunch of books for the week; he gets excited about books where the story has a rhyming pattern & talks a lot to it, haha.

Music! I have a some bells he can ring, a washboard he can sort of hit with a spoon, a xylophone, a wooden block you hit with a mallet... He loves when we make sounds on them and can try a little himself; he does best with thebell, swinging it or kicking it with his feet. Plus we play songs on the stereo and dance around, he loves that & laughs.

Just sitting outside. I got a cheap rocker at a yardsale and put it on our porch, we sit out there and he looks at the trees.

I try to show him some signs now. He's really interested in his hands, our hands...

Loves bath time, kicking his legs in the water...

Outings! It has been so hot, but I hope to start taking him out more. Farmer's market, the botanic gardens, the university here ha a nice trail system...

Sometimes I just hand him a random object to occupy him for a moment while I do something (I keep my eye on him). I mean like a ball of yarn, a whisk, a wooden spoon.

Really I hold or wear him almost all day, but it's sweet and he won't be this small forever, I remind myself how brief this period is tho I do get tired of thinking of what to show him next. But really everything is of interest, the whole world is new to him. Good luck!!
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