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Anyone having Braxton hicks?

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I'm 22 weeks and pretty sure that's what's going on. Never realized what the were in my previous 2 pregnancies till the end. Just felt like baby was throwing themselves against my stomach! smile.gif I'm getting them when I'm up doing stuff, and wondering if this is too early to be having them so much. I have a call in with my midwife to check too. Just wondered if anyone else was having them...?
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Nope, definitely not too early.  Some women have them from the first trimester on.  I have plenty of them.  :-)

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Yep, I second what mamabeakley said!

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Me too.  Started feeling them with pregnancy #2 and this one at 22 weeks.  Always when I'm walking or exercising.  All muscles go!

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What do these feel like? I don't know if I'm having them or not!!

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I don't ever remember feeling them at all with DD pregnancy, but I have def. been having them for a few weeks now. Very low and nice and tight. I hear that they can be a real doozy in subsequent pregnancies and you often feel them earlier and stronger with each pregnancy. 

Certainly not unusual, but you can sit down and drink some water to help them pass. Also mindfullness to your motions--lots of bending over and using your abs can add to the intensity.

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Originally Posted by AlaskAnne View Post

What do these feel like? I don't know if I'm having them or not!!

As far as I understand they can feel different to each person, but mainly have been explained as a tightening or hardening of the bump, or contraction like pains.

I have been getting them too, and was really worried, but have finally given in to it now. I am apparently just one of those women who get good hard painful ones!! It happens esp if I have been pushing myself or hold my bladder for too long!

They feel like sharp stabby contractions in my cervix and vagina. But thats just me :)

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They are a welcome thing--it is your body practicing and warming up for the real thing ; ) Its good!

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I've definitely had at least one very noticable one!  Felt like the whole abdomen got hard!  That's all I remember so far, but I know they'll be more common near the end!

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Tons! Been having them since before I knew I was pregnant so about 12ish weeks. We had an u/s last week and my cervix is long and closed so I'm not worrying about them.
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Thanks Ladies! All these responses help me feel better! I've just noticed them all the sudden today, so of course suspected the worse!smile.gif it's so hard not to worry in pregnancy. I swore I wouldn't this time around, there's so much to worry about after baby comes, but I think it's impossible not to worry! At least for me! But I'm trying to do better! smile.gif thanks again!
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