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Babywearing Exchange type sites

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Once upon a time I remember someone telling me about a Facebook page where people exchange their carriers, but I forgot what it was called... Does anyone know of any sites where people sell their old carriers?  DD is 6 months, and while we still like the Moby, I really want an Ergo!

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The Babywearer website is one of the best. Diaper Swappers also has a decent carrier section. There are a whole bunch of spin off FSOT facebook groups, but many of them are regional so it might depend where you live.


Edit: I just wanted to add a buyer beware... there have been a lot of counterfeit ergos on the market in the last couple years so if you are buying used, make sure you are getting the real deal!

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thebabywearer.com is where I always go. There is a huge for sale or trade area for all different kinds of carriers.
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We do have a Babywearing forum in our Trading Post. Sometimes you can catch a really good buy there. thumb.gif

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Definitely skip the MDC trading post, there's almost nothing ever posted there. 


The best babywearing FSOTs used to be the FSOT board on The Babywearer and the Babywearing Swap on Babycenter.  Now most buy/sell/trading has moved to Facebook.  There are a bunch of different swap groups there, but this is the biggest (10,000 members) and most widely used: http://www.facebook.com/groups/196221090408274/.

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