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Moderator of the Month - lauren!

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We have a wonderful group of women who volunteer their time and their love to helping keep the posting atmosphere helpful, comfortable and respectful here in the forums. They post to offer ideas and support and spend some of their precious moments making sure things run smoothly around here. We'd like to tell you more about them and give them some applause for all they do. 


This month we are honoring  laurenbadge_mod.v1305918894.gif

who has been a moderator since 2001, making her one of our most veteran moderators! Please take a moment to get to know lauren and and post to show her some Mothering community love. love.gif




Lauren is a working mom of three. She's an attachment enthusiast personally and professionally. She enjoys reading, singing, dance, reading some more, backpacking, hiking, XC skiing, raising chickens


What brought you to Mothering?

I have been a Mothering magazine reader since about 1985. My older sister gave me all of her back issues after she had her babies. I was in college at the time and very interested in women's issues and natural health. I already used midwives for regular health care appointments. Mothering was a natural fit for me! I was an avid magazine subscriber  and when the website came along I hopped right on!


Later on I had three babies of my own and found tremendous support in the Mothering community for a myriad of questions! (still do)


What is your role at Mothering?

I am a moderator for Learning at School, Adoptive/Foster Parenting and Working and Student Parents.


What do you like best about working as a moderator at Mothering?

The first couple of years of moderating my main hope was that I wanted to be helpful to moms who were choosing options less 'popular' in the AP world, like public schooling or working out of the home, in order to support them in providing the best attachment focused mothering that they could give,  given these choices. I worry sometimes that parents making these choices don't feel 'accepted' in an AP environment, but they are and should be!! It is possible and children can thrive in these situations given conscious parenting! I added Adoptive/Foster Parenting because it is a professional interest of mine and I admired (and still do) the amazing mamas that foster and adopt, for their intelligence and clarity, as they build their families. Overall, I like to be helpful and to 'defuse' situations and guide people to a clearer purpose in discussion.


What do you do when you're not at work?

What I like to do to relax is read, hang out with my kids and my animals (would have way more animals if I had time for them!), go for a run, hike, kayak, and sing (hospice chorus, as well as other recreational singing). I'm also pretty hooked on genealogy research.


If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

I think I would take on the power to end all abuse and neglect of children. And if I were allowed two superpowers I would have the power to expand and contract time as needed!


Thanks for all you do lauren!clap.gif

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It is so great to get to hear more about you Lauren. I love that you are into genealogy research--it is a favorite pastime of mine as well! 


Thanks for all of your hard work. :) 

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Hi Lauren, it's great to learn more about you. Your answer on the superpowers made me cheer out loud! thumbsup.gif Thanks for all you do for MDC!

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Moving this over to Learning at School for a brief stop. Please post a hello to Lauren and share some forum love. love.gif

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Hi Lauren joy.gif

Thank you for the special role you play here at Mothering!
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Thank you, Lauren. I like what you say about your hopes as a moderator. I support your desire to make "attachment parenting" more approachable for those in different circumstances. It's not a dogma!

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Hi Lauren-


Thank you for taking time to be a moderator and help those of us who benefit from this wonderful site! blowkiss.gif

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Moving this to the Working and Student Parents forum so the posting community here can get to know their mod, lauren. love.gif

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thanks for being a part of mothering lauren!!

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Hi all! Just getting back from a lengthy vacation so sorry I didn't show up sooner!


Thank you Peggy and Cynthia and everyone else for their kind words!!!

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Welcome back! I hope you had a wonderful vacation. love.gif

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Lengthy vacation, how delicious! Where did you go?

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We took the California Zephyr (Amtrak) from here to Grand Junction, Colorado, got in a van and did Arches and Canyonlands National Parks, Dinosaurland NP, Yellowstone, Grand Tetons and Rocky Mountains. It was a mixture of camping, canyoneering, and hotels. We flew home.  It was fabulous!

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