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When to start pumping for donation...

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I have a good friend who just had her 4th baby a week ago. She is in the small percentage of Women who just doesn't produce breastmilk (and yes, she's tried absolutely everthing to make it work.) Her last was exclusively fed on donor milk until about a year and she's ramping up to do the same with this one.


Once my baby arrives in 6 weeks or so, I'd like to start pumping so I can contribute to her stash. With my first, I leaned towards oversupply, so I did very little pumping, but I'd like to plan on pumping once a day or so for my friend's baby. My question is basically, when to start... should I be pumping right from the beginning to  make sure I have adequate supply to do both, or should I wait until my supply has settled down a bit to avoid some of the risks of oversupply? And if so, when would you start? (Obviously this is assuming everthing is going well with my newborn.)


Thanks for any advice!

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I don't know myself but thought I'd post to get your question some attention from moms who have done this and can share their experience.


Anyone have advice to offer?

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I started pumping for donating once I had a freezer stash for my own baby - about 100oz.  Then at 2wks or so I started on more of a schedule of what time of day to pump. I followed that again this time around and it worked really well, I took advantage of the initial engorgement and I didn't have to try to get my supply up again for donating.

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I would wait a few weeks to establish the supply you need vs. the supply you would like to provide.. At about six weeks or so start a daily pumping session at the same time each day. I found double pumping helpful (pump ten, take a hot shower, pump ten). Morning is the best time.

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I'm not sure on the oversupply, as I tended to be a just-barely-enough-supply-and-not-a-drop-more kind of gal, but I probably wouldn't start before 2 weeks (and probably would wait longer) as I would just be too tired/busy to do it. But yeah, once you did start I would try to pump about the same time everyday and in the morning to get more with less effort.
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Thanks so much everyone!


I'm still waiting for this baby to make his or her appearance (just 38 weeks, so likely still have a ways to go) but I think my current plan will be to play it by ear. Assuming all is going well, I'll probably start pumping once a day once my milk is in, and while I still have a bunch of family around to watch the toddler and hold the baby if need be.


I'm lucky in that I don't have to worry about going back to work, so I'm not going to be trying to build a freezer stash for myself as well, so I feel like I should be able to make at least a small contribution to the local milk sharing community.

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