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Are gender predictors really true?

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Is there any truth to these?


I know the chinese chart wasnt right with my first, I didnt do the ring test with my first but the heart rate one wasn't correct either


What about morning sickness, is it true if you have it bad its a girl? 



I know they arent truly accurate but the wait it killing me! lol.gif

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Nope, none of them are accurate I'm afraid. Sorry :-(
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No. I had barely any morning sickness with both my daughters. This one is a boy and I had never been more sick in my life. Although, strangely enough the chinese chart was accurate for all 3 of mine so far...

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I had 2 boys barely any morning sickness, one of my SIL had barely any either and had 2 girls....my other SIL had MAJOR morning sickness both her pregnancies that lasted into third trimester the first pregnancy and had 2 boys..
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I did Chinese predictor, urinary pH, and some old wive's tales like nausea or not, etc - all of them were correct for me. Total coincidence I believe, though.

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I would say they are accurate approximately 50% of the time. winky.gif

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The last twice the Chinese chart has been right.  We'll find out in January if we get 3 for 3...  ;P


I told OH this and he laughed because it says another girl.  He said "it just always says girl!", i said "duh, we always HAVE girls!".

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Nope. 50/50 chance. 

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Thanks everyone! I guess its just fun to wonder for now :) 16 more days until we can peek and see 


I did the ring test, and it definitely was going in circles, even if i tried to keep my hand so still. 


The chinese calendar was wrong for my first 


I know the heart rate is no good, my 1st had a high one and was a boy


I personally think its a girl, but we just have boys in our family


You could make out my first's gender at 12 weeks, no really! sure enough he was a boy, saw between the legs at this one's 12 week and there was nothing popping out at me

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