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Medicinal herb dosage and preparation for nausea

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Hi friends, my friend is pregnant with her fourth baby. Once again, symptoms of hyperemesis gravidarum (severe nausea and vomiting of pregnancy) are starting up. She is in despair over this, and blessedly, this time, has access to safe Marijuana.

Could anyone provide preparation tips? Smoking would not be ideal, but if that is the only way, that would be all right. A tea seems ideal, so directions on that would be most welcome.

Don't laugh, but her experience with this herb is almost none. Maybe one puff or two in college? So, details are really helpful!

Thank you so much!
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If you are interested in edibles, the best way to make them happen is by making "cannabutter", also referred to as "budder". haha! ;)


Anyway, THC & other cannabinoids require a lipid to make a smooth transition from the stomach to the bloodstream.  If she has a MMJ recommendation & a card, there's a good chance she'll be able to go to a dispensary anyway, and many dispensaries carry both edibles & "honey oil" (hash oil), which can be mixed with a lipid-strong food (butter, olive or coconut oil, a milkshake, etc).


I'm not a smoker, and haven't been since I was a teenager. Heh.  When my cat had cancer, she really got into the effects of cannabis (my roommates at the time smoked - she'd run out of my room & go to where ever the smoking was happening, and get up at head level with everyone else! it was too funny!).  As I don't smoke, (and rather she didn't either!), I looked up cannabutter recipes.  One that makes a very tasty, not-too-heavy-on-the-cannabis-taste is as follows:


* greenery - the choice is yours.  I'm told that cannabutter is a good way to use lower-quality stuff that's icky-tasting to smoke, but also told that higher quality stuff makes for, well, higher quality stuff.  anywhere from 1/4oz to a full oz is usually used.


* unsalted butter - how much you use determines how potent/strong it is.  an ounce into a stick of butter will be require FAR smaller amounts to be consumed than an ounce into a pound (4 sticks) of butter! ;-)


* water - I'd recommend filtered, just so you don't accidentally add any icky taste to the finished product.


* pot that can easily contain the amount of greenery you have, & another inch or two of water on top of it.  a saucepan generally is large enough, though.


* bowl that can accommodate the amount of water & butter involved


* cheesecloth-lined colander




Break up/shred your greenery as finely as possible.  A coffee grinder can be helpful; they sell things called 'grinders', but they're kind of a pain.


Place greenery in saucepan.  Add water until an inch or two over the greenery - more can never hurt!  Cut your butter into chunks & add to the pot.  Turn on the stove, bring to a boil, then simmer for about an hour.  Strain through cheesecloth-lined colander into the bowl.  Squish as much of the liquid through.  (many people put it the greenery back into the saucepan at this point, add about half as much water as the first time, get it hot & strain again - just to make sure they get all the butter out of the greenery & into the water)  Place the bowl into the fridge & leave it overnight.  The butter will float to the top & solidify, the water will stay on the bottom & there will probably be sediment at the bottom of the bowl as well.


This butter can now be placed into the freezer & used where ever butter is called for as a replacement.  If you want something less strong, use half cannabutter & half untreated butter. ;)


It can be spread on toast (I'd add some honey, but I love toast/bread with butter & honey anyway!).  It can be used to make baked goods - any box mix for cake, cookies or brownies will work, just replace the oil with melted butter.  It can be thrown on pasta (makes a nice scampi), can be used to make garlic bread, anything at all.  It can even just be eaten as is, if she can handle eating just a bit of butter on its own.


You can also do the same thing, but replace the butter with coconut oil, if that's preferred. :)


Good luck to your friend!  So far I'm sick to my tummy, but not vomiting. I'm hoping it'll stay this way, but as I'm only 4.5wks in, I'm not holding my breath! ;) Ginger & honey tea has been helping me so far, so maybe she can try that too - ooh, I bet some kind of cannabutter cookie made with ginger (either gingerbread or adding bits of crystallized ginger to the batter) would be divine! :)

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I forgot to mention - the house will likely stink like a combination of boiling spinach & boiling cannabis & just icky. There are some recipes that suggest you simmer for 12-24 hours! Clearly, those aren't from pregnant women! ;) My nausea is increasing every day & all my (younger ;) ) friends say "it's too bad you don't smoke pot!". Uh, no - it's a GOOD THING I don't smoke! *grin* I do wish sometimes I could take a bit of cannabutter before meals, but so far ginger tea & crystallized ginger seem to be helping. Anyway, I forgot to mention the stink. It goes away quick, though. If you have a stove fan & are a good friend, you'd be totally awesome to make the cannabutter for her! *grin* ;) All the best!!
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Thank you so much! You are very kind. joy.gif
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Ginger is the best remedy I've ever known for nausea and vomiting. Traditional Medicinals makes tea bags. No preparation. And no stink.

Also, eating protein to keep blood sugar stable prevents that nausea.
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