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"Celebrating World Breastfeeding Month" Photo Contest  

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During World Breastfeeding Month we wish to celebrate breastfeeding and honor all breastfeeding moms, doing so by featuring your beautiful breastfeeding photos. Please share your special breastfeeding images for entry into our Celebrating Breastfeeding Month Contest.



Three winners will receive a Mothering Supporter Membership and a $25 Amazon Gift Certificate.


Please read the Contest Terms and Conditions before you participate. Post one image per post. Winners will be chosen by the editorial panel based on entries, thumbs up and total participation on the thread (limit of one prize per entrant). 


After entering, spread the word and thumbs-up your favorites!


Last date to post an entry is August 27, 2012. US and Canadian residents only.


Important note: you must be a Mothering member, registered and posted to the forum previously, and be signed in to post an entry or to "thumbs up" a favorite image. If you are not already a member please sign up by selecting the "Join Now" link in the upper right sidebar and take some time to introduce yourself and post to discussions to establish your membership. Images from new members may be held for moderation by our system, so please be patient if you do not see your image posted immediately. 





Type of Photos:

We encourage the submission of images that celebrate breastfeeding in your family. You may be asked to sign a form verifying ownership of your work if selected to win. Multiple entries are allowed but each should be submitted as separate posts. 


Use of Images:

Please read the Contest Terms and Conditions before you participate. Please note that Mothering may publish the photos elsewhere on the site or on Mothering's social media network pages (Facebook, Pinterest, etc.) so if you prefer to not have your photo featured by Mothering outside of this thread please place that statement at the bottom of your post. All images without this statement will be considered for use editorially on the Mothering site and for possible feature "cover" photographs on Mothering's facebook page without further notice to you. If you are interested in having your image featured on Facebook as our cover photo please submit wide images that would be a good fit for that space. The size for the space is 851px wide by 315px tall--however, smaller versions of these images are fine to submit in the contest as we will contact you for a larger version if we are interested in featuring your photograph. Those images chosen to be featured on our Facebook page will be given a special spot in our photographers gallery.  


How to Enter: 

Submit your original photographs in the community contest thread between August 14th and August 27th.  Multiple entries are allowed. Then, share your posted image via Pinterest, Facebook or Twitter to encourage voting on your image (you must be a registered Mothering.com forum member to vote). Images with the most votes in the community will be considered by the Mothering editorial team. Three winners will be contacted by August 31st and announced in the community. 

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my friend and I nursing our babies halloween night, the matching costumes weren't planned

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a little privacy while she nurses

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This is my son Rylan breastfeeding the day he was born.

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The first time I ever breast fed 9 1/2 years ago

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Breastfeeding on top of the world in Whistler, BC.

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Brand New Baby! 

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After months of pumping, my preemie spontaneously latched! We never looked back and at 11 months he's still a nursing champ!



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We hiked up a foothill of Mt Rainier last weekend. I nursed half way up and half way down in the Ergo! This was at our lunch break. My son is 11 months old.




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This is my youngest son, Jonathan,  and his milky smile :)


And Jonathan and myself again, relaxing after I returned from work one day. He was ten months old.


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J.J Latched on and feed for four hours after mummy managed to dress him x

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Where's the nursling?  smile.gif
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How could you not fall in love with that face!

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She has always been a wiggle-worm nurser! She never sits still even while nursing, and will nurse in almost any position!

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Grand Canyon-- South Rim... 15month old Noah (and Mama) stopped to take a little rest while hiking the canyon. 

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