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Myer Elizabeth is here!

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Holy cow is all I can say about this birth. But, if you're going to go natural, fast is the way to do it. At about 4 this morning, I woke up with bad cramping that I thought was indigestion. Then the pain started radiating around to my back and I had a tinge of blood when I wiped. Called the doula, who suggested I sleep and call her back around 9.

Little Mae had different plans! At around 6 my contractions were spacing just a couple of minutes apart. The doula made it to our house as I started transition and on the way downstairs to go to the hospital my body started to push! DH called 911 and the paramedics arrived just in time to catch the baby in the ambulance on the street in front of our house. They were fantastic! Didn't know what a doula was but were totally ok with her being in the ambulance while the baby came, and the guy who caught her put her immediately to my chest and demanded that I bond and breast feed while they took care of the rest.

Mae was born at 8:15 at 5lb 11oz and great Apgar ratings. My GBS results were not in yet so they did have to draw blood, and took more blood to check for jaundice, natch. She's very sleepy so nursing is getting off to a slow start, but I've already pumped a lot of colostrum and she's getting the hang of latching on.

She is absolutely perfect and I feel great!
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Wow! Congratulations! What a wild ride! So glad you and Mae are both doing well!

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What an arrival she made!!! Congratulations on your sweet daughter! Can't wait to see pics! Rest up and love on that baby, mama!
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How awesome!!! Congrats!!!

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wow! congrats momma! don't pump too too much yet unless she's not nursing at all b/c you'll get yourself into crazy over supply.
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Congratulations!!!!!!  Welcome baby Myer!!!  So happy to see that she was born quick and healthy!!!joy.gif

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Wow, congrats!  Such a dramatic entrance into the world!  And a 36 weeker at that?  I think that's a huuuugeee reality check for most of us, lol.   


Huge congrats again!

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Amazing!  What a birth story :)  So many congrats to you, what a beautiful name too, enjoy your babymoon xox

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Welcome Mae! Congratulations Calpurnia! Your "due date" is *after* mine, my goodness! I'm so happy you get to cuddle your little one on the outside, and I had REALLY better finish up my last work items!

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OMGoodness...a BABY! Welcome to the world, little Mae!  You were in quite the hurry to get here...  Congratulations, mama!  You did an amazing job :)   Enjoy your babymoon.


(Ohgoodgrief--a 36 weeker??? That's a week from tomorrow for me.... jaw.gif)

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Oh my word....congratulations calpurnia. How exciting. It's good to hewr everyone is doing good. Enjoy your little babygirl.
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Sweet baby Mae!  Calpurnia I'm so excited for you!!

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Congrats! What an exciting entrance into the world for baby Mae! I'm glad to hear you're doing well joy.gif

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What a great birth story! Congratulations mama and welcome to the world baby Mae!!! Love the name.... 

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Congratulations!  That is almost the same birth story as my DD!  So glad you had a quick labor and everyone is doing well.  Enjoy these moments!

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WOW! Welcome, Miss Mae! Flashing back to your feeling "off" the other day.. and here she is! Thrilled to hear that both of you are doing well. Can't wait to see pictures!

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Congratulations!! Best wishes to you, your family, and your new little one!

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Wow!!! That is crazy! Congrats!

Eta.. your due date is after mine too.. yikes!
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So exciting! Congrats!!

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Holy moly what a fantastic story! She was in a hurry to meet her mama, that's for sure. Welcome to the world Mae! And huuuuuge congrats!
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