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Congrats mama and welcome to the world baby Mae!  I also love her name, very cute!  I am so glad that you are both doing well.  What a quick entrance - I had a very fast labour last time too, and think it wasn't all that bad of a way to go :)


Definitely a bit of a wake up for me...still getting odds and ends together here and I'll be 36 weeks on Saturday.

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Awwww! What an amazing birth story!! I hope you are both doing fabulously well. When you have an opportunity to post, we'd LOVE to see pictures of your sweet girl =D Then we can gush all over again!!
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Congratz to you and your family! What a wonderful story and I'm sure I'm not the only one who can't wait to see pictures. I think its great that the paramedic demanded you bond with Mae, how awesome is that. When you had posted about feeling "off" the other day I really started wondering each day if you would have a baby soon. How exciting, and I love your baby girl's name :-). 

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What a beautiful birth story! Congratulations to you and your hubby!!
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congratulations! what a story!

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Wonderful news!!  Congrats, mama :)

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Congrats! What an exciting birth! Enjoy your sweet baby!

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That's awesome! Congratulations!

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Congratulations, mama! (And here I was just being jealous that you'd already gotten your *awesome* nursery together! Just in time, eh?!)
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Congrats to you and welcome to little baby Mae!

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Oh my goodness!!  What an entrance!!  I'm so glad to hear that you both are doing so well.  And wow...hello reality check as we had the same due date!!!  Congrats to you!

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Here's a pic of my beautiful little girl on day 2 - more to come I promise!  It's been crazy, having the baby and a lot of "holy crap this baby was early" things to handle.  Fortunately Nana has been here and is a life-saver, cooking us healthy meals and ignoring my boobs hanging out all over the place as I get the hang of nursing.  Mae is thriving: eating like a fiend, starting to sleep and nurse at night on somewhat of a schedule (I got four straight hours of sleep last night!) and charming us all with her little noises.


Take care ladies!


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Oh! How adorably gorgeous she is! joy.gifI'm so glad Nana is there to help you. Looking forward to more pics of cuteness smile.gif

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thanks so much for sharing! your birth story was something of a wakeup call for me, as i was only due 2 days before you, and sure enough i had mine shortly after!

adorable pic!!
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Awwww! She is precious!
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Such an adorable little girl! Congrats! SO glad you have great help!

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She's so cute it hurts! Love that bottom lip <3 <3 <3

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Oh my word. Isn't she a pretty little girl. So cute. Enjoy her.
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She is beautiful!  Hope you are both doing well :)

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