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Introducing myself - hoping to be an SMC via IUI with frozen sperm

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Hi all, 
I wanted to introduce myself in this forum and connect with others going through the same thing or BTDT.  I am single, a passionate straight ally, and looking to be a mom via European Sperm Bank.
Last year I tried to conceive with sperm from a sperm bank with ICI vials at home, but my periods are really wacky - I ovulate late and randomly (if at all), which makes it hard to predict when to use the precious, expensive little vials of swimmers.  I liked the idea of doing this at home without fertility drugs, but I don't think it will work for me without the luxury of a partner to, um, donate at will.  :)
This year I want to try again, but I am thinking of trying IUI, possibly with clomid.  I have an appointment with my regular gyn on Thursday, but not sure if he will refer me to an RE.  In that case, I may try one vial ICI this month anyway.
I'm nervous, excited and all of that, and happy to find you all.
All the best to you!
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Welcome, lbbike99. I also O late. I have switched from midwife to RE but am finding out that an RE charges way more. You should find out what your insurance will cover, which is usually based in part on how many cycles you've been "exposed" to sperm unsuccessfully. For me, the upside of switching was that the midwife didn't offer transvaginal ultrasound to look for mature eggs.

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Thank you for the welcome, Outdoorsy and pokeyAC!  I wish you both all the best.


I had my doctors appointment today and it was bleak.  Transvaginal ultrasound showed multiple cyst like structures, and probably damaged fallopian tubes (both), and a left ovary that is not in the right place.  Doc is recommending laporoscopic surgery to investigate and remove the damaged parts. My only option at this point would then be IVF.


On the plus side, the uterus looks good.



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Uggh!  I'm so sorry you got that bad news.  It's disappointing but it's good to know why you were having trouble getting pregnant and that you can do something about it.  I hope the surgery can clean everything up and give you a clearer picture of what's going on.  The good thing is you know this before you spend all that money on sperm.  Good news the uterus looks good too!  That is very important.  I wish you all the best as your journey continues.  Fast healing!

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Thank you, pokeyAC!  I really appreciate it! :)  And you're right - I am soooo glad I didn't spend a bunch of money on sperm that wasn't going to get anywhere...  I really liked the idea of home insemination, but in this case it paid off to get a medical opinion.



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So I went in for laparoscopic surgery on 9/5 and they removed my left fallopian tube, but I was able to keep my right one!  I am working on getting an HSG to see if the right tube is clear, meaning I could possibly conceive via IUI or ICI.  Doctor is optimistic.  :)


Also, a friend of mine approached me and offered to discuss the option of donating his sperm and possible co-parenting.  We stayed up talking till 4am about it last night!  Baby-daddy has a boyfriend who isn't interested in having children yet, so that may impact his decision, but at this point we are still in the considering/discussing/realizing-the-magnitude-of-this discussion.


Hope you're all well!

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Hello!  I'm glad your surgery went well and that you have some good news and something to look forward to!  I hope things work out with the known donor.  That would be much cheaper and the fresh stuff probably works better than frozen.  If you go ahead, make sure he has a sperm analysis first.  Many folks have been burned by using a known donor who turned out to be infertile.  You don't want to waste any time.  Good luck!

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glad your surgery went well and good news you still have potential of conceiving without IVF and also promising about known donor. Good healing to you! 

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thank you pokeyAC and cordelia15.  I appreciate the positive thoughts!  And I'll talk to the known donor about sperm count testing.  Good point!  



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