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Weaning Ceremonies?

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My DS is weaning, and while I'm not completely ready, I think it's time for a variety of reasons. I want to have a nice ceremony, honestly more for me than him (he's 14 months) to mark the occasion. I want to celebrate that part of our lives, and to honor it before moving forward. Has anyone done something like this before? Ideas or suggestions?

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What a wonderful idea! can't wait to see what people have done or ideas they have. love.gif

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I still don't know what we'll do, but I think I might give my little guy this as a "graduation" gift.



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I got my little one the adorable nursing kitty toy with detachable kittens..
they have little magnets so you can just click them on and off the mama

we are going to keep this for memories for life :)

I saw this and a doggie toy like it in the local toy store but they have

it also online in lots of places. just to illustrate the item.. :)..




I really like the toy, it is small about the size of a printer page when you lie it down..

there is something special and magical about it and my little one loves it.

It is really cute and very cozy to touch. I am not sure how much we paid for it

but I would think it is  less then the amazon price.


That was our commemorative gift but otherwise not really any special

ending ceremonies as this would make it so final... we went gradually off

and without any dramatic ending, we were discussing it on the way as we

go that it is time to get off the mama milk and so we did..

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Galaxymom - Nursing kitty is so cute! Thanks for the recommendation! I am nursing a 2.5 year old and expecting baby #2 in a few weeks. I think I will get this for him so he can "play" nursing when I am nursing the new baby :)

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