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JessNP, I have crazy curly hair that frizzes easily. If you're a fellow curly girl, you won't be surprised that I have a few items I rotate in and out. One that I've tried recently is Alba Botanica Style Gel (Fragrance Free) in Strong Hold. I only have to use a dollop, along with a leave-in conditioner (I've been using Alba Botanica Fragrance Free Leave-In), and my hair stays relatively frizz-free. But then, I prefer a non-crunchy look. You know? Another good gel is Aubrey Organics Hair Design Gel B-5 All Natural... I have heard of gals using just a bit of aloe vera juice... but my hair needs A LOT of hold to control the frizz.


I think the overall key is to keep hair/scalp really conditioned... one good conditioner is Desert Essence Organics Conditioner in Coconut. Super moisturizing, but again- free of parabens, sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate, artificial color, etc. 


Hope any of this helped! I know it's hard to find a product that works for your specific hair. What works for one curly won't necessarily work for another. 

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i have frizzly curly hair as well, but loathe the feeling of stuff in it. i after i put coconut oil on my hands in the morning, i comb my fingers through my hair and it stays perfect all day, or until i get in the car. the emulsifiers in things weigh down my hair too much. if anything contains water and oils, it contains a wax emulsifier. blech

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waywornwanderer & kellybeth -thank you so much for advice! I have very curly hair as well. Right before I got pregnant, I cut 10 inches off (my sister has breast cancer and all the girls in the family cut their hair). I absolutely despise my curls now. It was so easy when it was long b/c it was long spiral curls - I wore it up a lot and used nothing but conditioner. Now - ugh...I don't know if it's hormones or the cut, but the curls are so kinky & tight - it looks like a frizzy mess! It has grown to shoulder length, but the curls are still a disaster.


I also prefer a natural feel but I need some control. (I cant stand to have it in my face, getting in my mouth and caught on my eyelashes, etc). waywornwanderer - I'm going to try one of the gels you recommend. I love both Alba and Aubrey products, but never ventured into their hair line. As far as conditioner, I'm thinking about coconut oil. kellybeth - what brand do you use? 


Thanks again for your input!! hug2.gif

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i'm sorry about your sister, cancer is the worst evil.

i use the whole foods brand 365 organic, the unrefined, expeller pressed virgin coconut oil. it's less than $7.00 a jar and doubles as a nice nipple cream as well. my vegan friends in an online community (i'm vegan) who have children used coconut oil for sore nipples while nursing and swear by it. a & d ointment and stuff like that is too gunky and has petroleum in it. i also rub my belly down with it every morning, since it's that time to consider stretch marks.

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this curly girl has a lot of hairpins, and lots of crazy styles.  my frizzies around my face NEVER grow out, but then have a shedding season, and so right now i have a fringe of ringlets that also frizzes.  i'm a water for my hair girl. sometimes some light jojoba oil, or coconut oil.  but the rest of my hair is so weird.  i liked having it short (it's very baby fine) b/c it would curl more evenly.  now that it's long, it's curly, but the under layers are ringlets, and the upper layers are gentle waves, and it's straightish up on top b/c of the weight.  so i do UP do's.  but i am making a list of stuff you guys do and will try it.  

the great thing about curls is that what works for one month might never work again- but i'm always trying new things.  the one thing that has never worked was washing it all the time.  baby fine waist length hair just doesn't like that sort of treatment!!! totally limp.  i can't do crunchy (though i did make it through the 90's using mousse) or products or anything that requires frequent washing.  

If i take the time to rinse w/ cool water each morning, it is the happiest and looks great for most of the day.  especially if i do a quick oil over the ends.  but what mama has time for daily hair doing?  my 2 little girls (and maybe one more) have the baby fine ringlets too.  it's so much fun to see it on them b/c i know what to do!!!  my poor mom brushed my hair daily, and my curly sister, and it was horrible for all of us.  my husband has dream curls- they never tangle, and look perfect with almost no maintenance.  he washes once a week, and just goes the rest of the time.  thick, perfect out of his face ringlets- oooh, it's so not fair!  my hair also likes to fall into my face, which is another reason it's always up!!


here's a pic of my 2 curly-girls and my one none-curly little boy!



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I'm a lot like you, kellybeth and HouseofPeace. I prefer not to use the "stuff"! I can't stand the sticky feeling of even putting it in my hair! But your methods (just a water rinse and/or coconut oil) would leave me looking a bit like Chewbacca! ;)


Love the pics of your curlyheads HouseofPeace! Everyone's hoping this babe of mine gets my hair! And as for me? I don't hate my curls anymore, but I do know how difficult they can be to manage (especially for girls). So I wouldn't mind if my little lad or lass took after his/her dad and got nice waves. :)

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My older son has wonderful curls and you ladies have inspired me to put coconut oil in his hair after washing! I know better than to try to comb his curls, as he gets them from his dad, and DH lived through years of brushing that made me look like a crazy mop.

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Here's a picture of me with my nieces the day we all cut our hair in May. All I put in it was conditioner (a cheap neutrogena brand) and as long as I didn't wash it more than once or twice a week, it was totally manageable. Now my curls are a tight, kinky mess. I'm going to go to Whole Foods tomorrow for the coconut oil. They may even have the Alba and Aubrey stuff there too.


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I don't have curly hair but my hair is thick and gets really frizzy/fuzzy looking.  not split ends, though... weird.  


I also love using oil of some kind to tame that fuzzy look.  My favorite is actually an Alba brand kukui oil.  Coconut oil works for me too but only a tiny tiny bit or it looks really oily.


I can't wash daily and only use baking soda "wash" vinegar "conditioner" and water to rinse about once every 7-9 days.  All the days in between are just a good water wash.


Great hair, Jess!  Hope you find something that will help you with this shorter cut.

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Anyone know if I can use my cortizone cream? I have an eczema flare up that is not responding to all my usual herbal treatments (yes even over weeks of patiently applying...) 

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I am having the same problem!  Normally I can keep the eczema under control and have very few flare ups but a few weeks ago it flared up and I haven't been able to really get rid of it since.  It's on my hands and now my eyelid!   I found this online about using the creams during pregnancy:

You'll also want to use as little steroid cream as you can get away with, usually no more than twice a day, depending on the product. Steroids come in all strengths. They range from very weak, over the counter creams, to strong, prescription-only creams. Strong creams should only be used for a week or two. Steroid creams are safer for you than steroid pills. Pills are usually only a last resort.


However, my midwife recommended I not use my cream (its prescription).  I've been using it only a little bit, but now I guess I need to find something else.

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sea buckthorn & borage seed oils are fabulous for healing eczema and psoriasis, in my experience.

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I have started using Tea Tree Oil soap that I bought from Goat Milk Stuff. I've been noticing a huge difference!

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Originally Posted by kellybeth View Post

sea buckthorn & borage seed oils are fabulous for healing eczema and psoriasis, in my experience.

Ohhh thanks - How would one use them? Together or separate? Pure oil or diluted?

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they are carrier oils, like avocado oil, etc. so they don't need to be diluted. you can mix them together, but i would try them separately first to see how you like each, and then mix if you like them both. :)

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Thanks so much I'll give them a try.  I've tried coconut oil which I haven't really noticed helping much.

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So I had to find this thread b/c i looked at my face the other day and realized that it was back to it's pre-pregnancy smoothness and clarity and has been for over a month.  I did do honey masks daily for about a week, and that helped soothe the angry welts, but it seems like the hormones really just backed off my skin and focuses elsewhere.  I've had more small blackheads in my chin than normal, but that seems 'normal' for pregnancy for me...


Did your skin clear up?  If so, when?  If not, what are you doing?  


I'm going to try and remember this info for other mamas and also for myself if there's a next time!!!


Also- skin isn't just face, how are people's bellies and bodies doing w/ skin?  I've been using Beautiful Belly Balm in the evenings (mostly as an excuse to get my husband to rub my back) and am loving how smooth and soft my skin is in the mornings.  I wish it would take away cellulite.... ah, pregnancy, so many unforeseen gifts.... but i remember in past pregnancies getting zits on my thighs and other horrible places, and didn't know if that's going on now for anyone or if it's just something i can look forward to in the future....

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My skin was looking pretty bad for a long time and I finally realized it started when I began using a different lotion on it after I showered. When I switched back to my old lotion (plain old non-crunchy Suave) it quickly cleared up. Weird!!

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My skin is looking pretty great, but I'm one of those lucky women whose skin looks better during pregnancy. I've posted about this in another thread I think, but for my belly/thighs/butt/boobs I made a whipped body butter. Can post my recipe if anyone is interested. I buy bulk supplies from Mountain Rose Herbs to make my creations and whereas they're a tad pricey, the quality is so, so worth it.


I should get back into doing raw honey masks! My skin was so soft when I used to do that.

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Did your skin clear up?  If so, when?  If not, what are you doing?  


Mine got a little worse and I seem to just have an unending supply of new zits that show up along the jaw and up each cheek in weekly waves. I also have a breakout on my back and chest. I have tried all kinds of stuff but it's hormonal and it's just doing it's own thing. 



Also- skin isn't just face, how are people's bellies and bodies doing w/ skin?


So far so good but my body changes haven't been very extreme. I'm 23 weeks and have only gained 8lbs and it's all tummy. Haven't had any itchiness or stretch marks yet but I think I probably will in a month or so. I do have a few skin tags around one nipple which I was a bit concerned about and then I read that it was totally normal. I want to get them removed though. Just not by my male Dr... a dermatologist can do it right?



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