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chiro in new haven area

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Hi, I am new to the new haven area, and am looking for a chiro who could see me during pregnancy. If anyone has any recs that would be great. I live in West Haven, and am not looking to travel too far.

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Hello, I have not had a lot of experience with chiropractors during pregnancy, but I did see one in Milford that I liked after pregnancy, here is his website http://www.jenkinsfamilychiro.com/  like I said, not sure what his services are like for pregnant women.  I know you don't want to travel far, but I have heard great things about a practice in Cheshire, I know he works with pregnancy http://www.cheshirechiropractic.com/doctor/chiropractor/70S/chiropractic-Cheshire/chiropractic-and-pregnancy.htm

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I have been seeing Dr. Pete Braglia both before my pregnancy and through my pregnancy.  He is AWESOME!  He just moved to Stratford but it is worth the drive (I am in West Haven). We have even been doing Webster since my baby A is breech and I am pretty sure he got her to turn.


His office is True Health Chiropractic and he is in Oronoque Plaza. 203-923-8633.

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