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Who is working or taking classes?

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I taught English for 13 years and taught full time with my fist two, but am now home with the 4 of them, though the 2 oldest are in school.  I can't wrap my mind around how I would work full time, and I love being home so much.  I would, however, like to work toward doing something other than teaching - actually I would like to be a labor and delivery nurse - but am 39 and would have to start from scratch other than all of the basic courses I could transfer in... so I would need all of the science and prereq's.  Anyway, I am signed up for a course right now and have to decide whether to take it (it is just online developmental psych) or wait until the spring...I am completely torn...I do also need to recertify my Lactation Consultant Certification before March, so I have that to work on as well, but I just need to do self study modules at home for that.   It is a hard time to make this decision, because we are so far from a predictable schedule with our new little guy right now and I have NO idea how much time I would have to get work done...but I managed to teach and coach with the other two!!  I really feel like I need to start chipping away at courses, but at the same time I wonder if I should just wait until the spring for this one...thoughts?  Your experiences? 

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I'm starting back to graduate school full-time next week. No experience or suggestions, but I'd be interested what others have experienced. I've got a flexible childcare provider available for part time coverage, plus my parents and inlaws, and if I work nights or weekends I have my husband. I'm definitely having second thoughts as I approach the semester...even though I'm having trouble adjusting to motherhood and being a stay-at-home parent, I'm dreading spending so much time away from C. Ugh. Anyways, don't want to hijack, just popping in to say I'm headed back to school. Good luck as you decide your plan! :)

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I will be teaching again starting in 2 weeks (I am as college Lit professor, as my signature says).  I am beginning to get anxious.  I wish she was just 2 months older.  I started back with my older DD when she was 6 months and she really bonded well with the student nanny.  She was actually just the flower girl in her wedding.  I have time between classes to nurse and an onsite student caregiver, but I still am nervous about handing her off to someone else.  I am afraid I will have a hard time focusing on teaching for awhile.  I will let you all know how it goes.

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I think if something's important to you, you somehow make it all work.


I went to teacher's college when DS1 was 9 months old (and even that was hard). I was lucky to get even 5 hours of sleep a night for that year. Looking back, it was hard and I'm not sure how we did it, but in the moment you just do what needs to be done and keep your eye on the prize.


I think part of undertaking such a task too is to look at the pros and the cons and be really mindful of what else you commit to. It's probably not the time to join the PTA and do a special diet while sewing your own diapers and homeschooling.

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Thanks for your thoughts on this everyone...still debating...I actually paid the first payment last night to secure my spot in the class since today was the last day to pay, but then of course we had an awful night - tried to put DS down from 6pm-12am on with no luck, little naps and then he would wake up, etc., finally took him into bed I was so completely exhausted.  So the whole time I was thinking how in the morning I had to drop the class and bag it until the spring...but now it is morning, I have my coffee in hand, and there is just something empowering about the sun coming up and the day starting anew...something amnesia-inducing as well I guess, because I am now back to debating.  This is so silly.  Need to just decide.  I know I could do it, because teaching full time and coaching was a crazy amount of work and I managed that, but now I have twice as many kids and I also don't want to take away from them by focusing on achieving this goal of mine...even though part of why this goal is important to me is for them as well...angst!

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I am in a full-time apprenticeship at a local birth center and a student with the National Midwifery Institute. Luckily, the birth center lets me bring the new baby with me.

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