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August chat

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Ha, so I haven't been on here in a long time as far as posting goes. I have been reading to keep up but have been trying to score a wrap on TBW and/or facebook and well, um hello olympics!  I loved the olympics! I am so sad to see it end. I was inspired to work out regularly. I did however learn that over the past four years life has really changed.  Now, I watch the olympics and think about what it would be like to have a kid in the olympics rather than dream about what it would be like if I was in them....lol.  And for the record, I sooooo so so so don't want a child in the olympics. I was way to stressed for people I don't know!  Oh, and I got the wrap I wanted off of the facebook babywearing page today! I can't wait for it to come. Rosie- it is an aubergine 6! wohoo!  Annnd Phoebe rolled over today!  I was in the bathroom cutting DS's nails and heard her kind of change her sounds and I was like I bet she just turned over. Came out and she had rolled over. She did it a couple of more times so I got to see it but still, hello second kid lol.


How is everyone doing?  Such sweet pics of babes.  We had a playdate today with Courtney and Kristy. It was ridiculous how late I was...train, poopsplosion, toddler getting molars, full parking deck is all I am going to say, but it was so much fun and kind of weird to finally meet people face to face that you already feel like you know pretty well.  I am excited to get to know these ladies (and courtney's sister!) better in real life. I really wish I could meet everyone on here. Feeling the love for mdc mamas!

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 I LOVE meeting up with my MDC DDC moms. I have met some from my 6 year olds due date club but none from my 3 year olds. AND now I have met some from my 4 month olds.


Coraline just sat up today unsupported for more than a few seconds...and I didn't get a picture. Haha 4th kid syndrome. we also went on a hike (it was a bit over 2 miles) and I forgot a carrier!!! My arms were going to be done if we had hiked much more.


Right now I'd liek some peace and quiet but my 3 big girls will go home with Hubs while I stay here with my sister and I know it's going to be crazy lonely and sad with them gone (after the first 3 days).

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I'm so jealous that u guys got meet! How wonderful!

Right now I'm dealing with one of two things, I'm either not eating enough to support my milk supply or Collin has hit a growth spurt. He nurses every 30 minutes and I'm about to lose my mind! One night I brought him to bed with me (he starts out in his swing) and he latched on at 3:30am, by 7:30 he was still latched on. Lord help me! I'm tired of being a human pacifier! Not sure if he isn't getting enough milk or if he's just growing, but oh my!

Work is busy as usually but I so enjoy what I do that it's hard to complain!

On another front... I am still struggling with lack of sex drive/ overwhelming exhaustion. DH is starting to get frustrated and feeling rejected. I do see his point, but at the same time, I just have nothing left to give. I nurse around the clock, work almost full time, have just nursed him back to health after his emergency gall bladder removal, and juggle the kids schedules. I refuse to put my kids in full time child care, which he thinks is the answer to all my problems, and I just don't know what to do at this point. Its really starting to upset me greensad.gif

Anything fun happening for you guys?
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That's awesome you guys got to meet! Zuzu is apparently traveling this fall and might be near me, so I'm hoping I get to meet her. Anyone anywhere near central Illinois? 


As I posted to FB yesterday, Tavian is mobile. I dont' know how, we didn't see it, but based on where I put him and where he wound up the kid had to have rolled/wiggled 4 feet and fell off the bed. Seriously, I measured it. He went from the center of the bed by the pillows so the far left side, past the cosleeper, to the floor by the foot of the bed. 4 feet diagonal. We tried to get him to show any signs of that level of mobility this morning and nothing. And Evie was with Kevin that whole time so it's not like he had some help. 


My children are seriously motivated movers. Everyone's been comment on how alert and strong Tavian is for 4 months, but apparently that's just how I make him. At least he's still laid back. 

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Hi all!
Fun you got to meet up! So cool smile.gif

Chiro: I hear you on the lack of drive and tiredness...and I only have one babe and no outside job! You are amazing!

Mobility: Holden rolled over front to back the other day, but hasn't again since. It's like he forgot how to do it.

He still has a bit of a thrushy tongue, so I went and got some grapefruit seed oil to add to his probiotic regime. Swabbing his mouth as per Dr Jay Gordon's recommendations. Hope this does the trick.
Holden is sooo cute! I just think he is the most perfect thing to ever exist. His soft blonde hair, his chubby face, the five rolls on his thighs...to die for.
I'm starting to plan a prenatal class reunion. Should be fun to get together with some other natural birthing mamas and see the babies that were in those bellies! Oh! And I planted one pumpkin seedling in my garden this year, and it's taking over like some sort of freaky mutant vine. It's comical how big it's grown.
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chiro- i bet it's a growth spurt, Cora has been waking up a lot more to nurse.




Ashley, that is exactly how we found out my Josie could move.


Dayle awesome about the pumpkin. my kids so want to grow pumpkins but everytime we try we get nothing.

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We are doing really well, but lately a combo of teething pains and the 4-month growth spurt has Herry super tired/cranky all evening and way more wakeful at night. I am le tired.


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Also: is there a facebook group for our DDC?

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there is the swap group.

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chiro- yeah, my drive has been up and down. for the past two weeks it has been super down and I feel frustrated by it. I think the only thing that keeps me sane is I know it will come back up. It helps me if I get some sleep, work out a bit, and get some alone time...like a shower :)  I hope you feel better soon! Oh and I bet it is a growth spurt too with your LO.  However, that constant nursing sure does getting draining.  DS did that and I really felt crazy most of the time, forget feeling sexy!  I hope your DS gives you a break soon, my DS was like that from the start so don't let me anecdote cause any panic :)


ashley- wow!  you have some movers!  Phoebe is rolling but she only does it when she feels like it and she is super laid back about trying anything else movement wise. I am honestly ok if she stays less mobile for a while, easier to keep track of her lol.


day- how is the thrush?  we do probiotics every day and I can really tell in phoebe if she hasn't had it, no thrush thought thank goodness.  The pumpkins sound so great!


arby- there is a fb group and it is sometimes active? seems like posts are done in spurts.  I am hoping to post more here, I miss having conversations/topics talked about here. Maybe now that life is a little more settled?


We have had fun meeting up with courtney and kristy!  Unfortunately we were not able to get a picture of the three girls side by side at the library- not sure any of the older siblings would have waited that long, I know DS wouldn't.  I did get one of Cora and Phoebe at the museum on friday which was so much fun. I am really looking forward to some more play times!

Phoebe has a cold and a fever. It just started last night and she is so sweet she just wants to snuggle poor baby. So today we are taking it slow and she is just sleeping in the wrap or nursing. baby coughs are so sad. in other news, we get to go to the beach!!!  in two weeks we will get to go on our very first only us family vacation. I am excited and really hoping it isn't more tiring than relaxing but i think it will be worth it. I can't wait!


Here are some pictures of cora and phoebe.  Phoebe is in the teal and cora was not quite sure about phoebe grabbing her ear. It is funny because cora was smiling practically the whole time but the only pictures I got on my phone were the two seconds she wasn't.  it is too bad because she has a cute smile!  sorry about the side ways images, somehow that is how it uploaded from my phone





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Just stopping by to say hello for a quick second! I'm still alive! Juliet is wonderful. She lights up my world..... I'll try and make myself return soon to catch up on everyone's lives here.

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First day in daycare. H didn't eat ANYTHING. For eight hours. Not a bit. He takes a bottle begrudgingly from DH when I've worked on the weekends, but patently refused to take one from the daycare ladies. Apparently they tried different positions and even a sippy cup and nothing would work. (They also noted that he was extremely content all day and also wetting diapers, and only really started to cry right before I arrived to pick him up.) I'm really hoping today goes better (he'll be in care two days a week) but my stomach is in knots over it.


Anyone have similar experiences? Is my baby going to starve himself during his bottle strike?

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Arby, that sounds tough.  I think probably he will eventually eat, and if he is content in the meantime at least that's a good thing. What about cup feeding (without the sippy part)? I'm probably no help b/c it's all conjecture on my part.



Flavorfull we can get the picture today at the LLL meeting. Also I'd like to have you guys over to my sisters sometime next week, you know if she doesn't go into labor before then.


Doing it, haven't been doing that, but we also haven't really been in them same building much. first he was out of town and only home on weekends and they were so busy, I mean he came home and worked more. His first day off in over a month we hiked a mountain and then he drove 11 hours straight. so he's been tired. (and he did take the next day off and hung out with Juniper while the big girls had their first day of school). So of course now I'm out of state, but eventually I imagine we'll do it again. I haven't really felt like doing it, but likely that's the lack of a hot guy around winky.gif


AFM- I signed up for college. I need to take some prerequisites to get into the nursing program. It's all through my local community college. Then I can work as an RN for awhile (what I have been reading says I need 2-3 years of nursing experience before I apply for CNM school) and help make some money for my family. The idea of being a normal family that makes enough money to pay all their bills is exciting. When I told Chris this he reminded me that our family has a lot of things other families don't have and me staying home with them has been worth it. I thought it was super cute that he appreciates my contribution so much. He doesn't ever share feelings or even thoughts that much and things like this generally pop up randomly in conversation.

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I thought it was super cute that he appreciates my contribution so much.



its exciting to start a new chapter Courtney! But i'm sure your family will miss having you at home!


arby, that does sound really rough.  what about spoon feeding also? or using a straw to drop some milk in his mouth?  but hey, if he's content, nobody ever starved over an 8 hour period.  Hopefully when he's more comfortable with the daycare ladies he will be more willing to take a bottle.  i hope he gets comfy there in a hurry!


AFM-- I'm totally spread way too thin right now and I can't wait for mom's day out to start in september! I NEED the help!!!!!! (but really i'm terrified of leaving my DS anywhere but with my mom and DH) but still, i NEED the help!  other than that, it's work work work, groceries, laundry, dishes, pumping, and back to work ;) but alas, i like what i do, so i need to stop bitching.  ugh. 


thanks for putting up with my brief yet random vent.  now i should actually GET to work...

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Courtney, are you starting nursing school too? I was going to start this fall (hahaha pregnant ambitions) but deferred to next fall. I also think I want to eventually pursue a CNM.


H took 3oz total today, so...progress!

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arby- yay for him taking some today!  I don't know, my DS would NEVER take a bottle away from me. He would just wait until I was back with him and then cluster feed until he caught up.  I didn't have to be away from him regularly though. I would think though that he would eat when he was hungry and once he realizes this is a routine thing, maybe he will go with it?  Sorry, that would feel stressful for me too. Sounds like you have awesome people taking care of him though to try so many options.  I think it would be a different story if he was upset and crying but since he seems happy and has wet diapers, maybe the kid just knows what he wants.  A lot of moms find their babies switch to eating like they do during the day to night when they go back to work.  So, he might just switch. It wouldn't be as concerning if he went 8 hrs without eating at night right?  For your sake I hope he just half flip flops :)


courtney- um bummer about missing you at LLL today. I read your post and that was the first indication I had whatsoever that today was indeed Thursday and not wednesday!!! I felt so weird all day! wohoo about nursing school!  that sounds awesome and yay for DH voicing what he has probably thought a ton! I think a play time at your sisters sounds fun. baby crying, will be back

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Arby so glad he ate today, I bet it will totally continue to improve.


yep I'm thinking nursing school. Part of the reason I can't go straight to the midwifery school is that it's in Gainesville (3 hours away) and I'd have to be there for 3 days at a time and I just don't think we can make that work, so I thought well go the CNM route I can become a LPN and work while I get an RN and then work while I get a CNM. Well things seem to be playing out a bit different than I imagined (in how you get to a CNM) and get this there are only 2 CNM programs. The closest one is in Gainesville!! So I'll have to go away anyway. LOL But the upside is the kids will be older AND I will have been working so our financial situation won't be so precarious. Also I like the idea of having degrees.  I'm sort of rethinking this and maybe I should just do the 3 year program in  Gainesville instead of the nursing route (we are talking something like 6 years of just schooling, or at least that's what it is looking like, I admit I am pretty clueless when it comes to college stuff.) I like the idea of being able to do gynecology and family planning stuff.



Flavorfull- we'll work something out, I LOVE that LLL group, I'm sad I won't get to meet them again but I am super glad my sister has such a great group that she can start to meet and make some friends.

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Arby: yay food! Have they tried messing with the temperature? A friend's baby would only take a bottle if it was between 95 and 98 degrees, seriously. 


Courtney: good luck. I'm considering that path as well, but not starting school until Tavian's 10. We're homeschooling and I want to make sure my interest in birth work persists after I'm no longer birthing. I used to do weddings, but the further I get out from my own the less and less I'm interested in other peoples'. 


Tavian is developing like crazy. He can tripod sit now for 5-10 minutes, he's figuring out army crawling, and he's got forward momentum in his stepping when lightly supported. It's absolutely nuts here. 

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so very very very tired.  just popped in to ask a quick question... anyone else dealing with hair loss?? I'm losing lots of hair.  i know my thyroid is gearing down since i'm not pregnant now, but this is ridiculous.  i'm literally getting bald spots.  if only you ladies know my hair.  it's iconic.  thick, long, and ridiculously curly.  it's how people identify me.  to a large extent, it's how i identify myself.  and now, bald spots. really?? i don't mean to sound so vein, and I hope you don't think less of me, but it's hard to look in the mirror, and see my postpartum body, and top it off with pulling my hair up (which i do every day for work) only to see bald spots.  I don't even recognize me anymore.  **trigger major identity crisis**


thanks for listening...

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chiro- I am losing tons of hair but no bald spots., My sister once had a bald spot it was partial alopecia.  THey gave her some kind of medicine for it.

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