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Chiro - I'm losing quite a bit of hair too but no bald spots. Hopefully it is just a passing thing for you.


I too have a question...  Juliet will be 4 months on Monday and I haven't make her 4 month well child visit yet. We do not vaccinate so the only reason that I'd take her is to get her height and weight checked. Also to show the system that I am not neglectful. I was also going to take my 3 yesr old for his check. I already decided that my 5 and 7 year olds would be done unless they were sick enough to need a dr. My issue is that there is already so much crap floating around including pertussis everywhere. The exams rooms at our Dr. office are filthy and at Juliet's 2 month appt. her doc told me to keep her away from all sick people (probably because we don't vaccinate and she was being annoying about it). I want to be able to make the decision to just stop well baby visits but I'm not sure that I have the confidence to do so. What does everyone do? 

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Adore-- I'm super sporadic with well baby visits. Never did them with dd. took ds to his 2 month but not his 4 month. Will probably take him in soon because are watching him for strabismus. Canu look for a diff doc who's office is cleaner? I know with not vax it's harder to find docs...
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Chiro - I've been thinking about finding a new doc for the kids. I truely dread this doc and that's not the way that it should be. I'll have to look around ask for recs.... even if I need to drive an hour.

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Chiro: I was JUST coming on here to post this question. Yes! I'm losing sooo much hair! I also have very curly hair (I wear it straight about half the time) and I notice the loss a lot more when it's curly and I comb it out after a shower. I think the curls keep the hair from shedding out, so when I comb it it looks like half my hair has come out at once. It's scary greensad.gif I don't have any bald spots, but if I wear it straight my part definitely looks very wide and thin. Maybe you could get your thyroid checked to see if it's a bit more sluggish than it should be?
I read that the hair loss should stop by about 9 months postpartum.
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Adore we do very sporadic well baby visits. I didn't really do them at all for my second daughter, and now with Coraline they are very cool with me doing them rarely. I do like to go sometimes so they know us. I would skip it with this nasty doctor and wait until you can find a better one. We had to go through SO MANY doctors to find a goo practice and then we went through various days (it's a teaching doctors office through the local college and each dr has one day a week they are on) until we found our favorite, totally worth it too.


My sister had her baby !! Squee!! She is super cute and my sister did so well. Like any first time mom ( and really even the 2nd, 3rd and 4th time it's a lot, you just expect it) the sensations near the end were overwhelming, I mean nothing in life prepares you for that, but dang if she didn't pull it together and get it done. Inspriring.  Coraline stayed at my mom's house and my poor mom had to hold her the whole time, I was gone about 7 hours. My mom has had a stroke and doesn't have a lot of strength in one side and her body is just weak and always sore. Holding a baby for 7 hours for ANYONE would be hard, I am so glad my mom loves my baby so much and was willing to put herself through all that pain so she didn't cry it out by herself...because she did cry a bit, and refused all breastmilk. I should do something super awesome for my mom. Also Cora is going to have to start taking a bottle or a cup or something because I want to go to school.


Anyway I should probably get a shower and a nap because I am tired, I sure hope my sister is napping too and not just laying there looking at her super cute baby. (although that's what I did, I mean it's hard not to.)

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Courtney - I am really so jealous of you and your sister sharing a birth day. I so wished that my sister lives closer so that she could have been here for Nora's birth. Or that I could have been there for either of her's. So special! :)


Hair loss - YES. Both Nora and I. Thankfully, I have lots and lots of hair, so it isn't super noticeable, but I bet I loose at least 50 strands a day lately. Nora has lost a lot of the hair around the middle of her head and a bit from the front. There are little blonde hairs growing in, so I am wondering what will happen. Though her eyebrows grew in brown and my blonde son's grew in blonde...hmmm. We will see I guess.


Well Baby Checks - I just talked to our family doctor about this when we had Nora in at 3 months for the first time and she said that since we are not vaccinating right now that I can just bring her in at 6mo and 12mo instead if I chose. That suits me well, so that is the plan for now. I do want her to know Nora when she is well so that if she is sick she has a good baseline to go from.


Arby - I have had two working moms in my LLL group say that their babies took very little to no pumped milk while they were at work but nursed a lot when they were together instead. It seems like maybe it isn't all that unusual and probably is not concerning as long as weight gain, milestones, etc are on track. Some babies at this age may sleep an eight or more hour stretch without nursing also. It will all sort itself out though for sure. He knows what he needs and how to get it. :)


AFM - I have been reading here when I am putting Nora to bed but hate typing anything long on my tablet, so not very posty I guess. Nora is really just such a fantastic presence and I think a calming addition to our family. She is just really the sweetest thing. I was so worried about whether I would love her as much as my son and I really super do. It is amazing how a heart and soul can make room to love another being so very much. It is also interesting to me how the love feels the same but so different. And to see them making each other happy is just heart bursting.


We were going to have Kai in an online charter school for Kindergarten and just recently decided that the curriculum was going to be too irritating for everyone. So we have jumped into piecing together our own plan and trying to be really flexible to what he wants to learn. Nora has stopped taking marathon naps so it has been tricky to figure out where to fit everything in. Any home learning moms with suggestions? 

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courtney!!! Ahhh! so exciting!!! wohoo go meredith! I CANNOT wait to see some pictures!  awww so sweet. Did her fiance make it back in time? How sweet of your mom! ok am I weird for wanting details?


chiro- don't feel vain at all about the hair. I have some hair loss this time around too that has made me a little annoyed to say the least. I don't have bald patches but for me it has been my skin that has way over reacted to postpartum hormones.


re doctor well visits- i had a dr I really loved with my ds so we went in for some of the well visits when he was younger. we don't vax until two years so it was always a yeah your baby looks good thing.  This time around, I actually have some questions with DD so we will be going in for her 4 mo visit at almost five months but I really like the dr and I really like having some sort of relationship established so if my kids are sick and I have to call after hours they kind of know who I am and how we work. that being said, I wouln't have a second thought about not doing the well visits regularly and just going in whenever I wanted a weight check or had a question.


kai- I definitely get what you mean about the love being the same but different. I am overwhelmed by how much I love my two kids and I cannot handle it when they are adorable together. DS smothers his sister in kisses just because he thinks she is "so cute" and I love it. The both have smiles and laughter that are just reserved for eachother.


AFM- blush.gif definitely took a pg test today and it was negative!! whew.  Seriously. DH and I had a bit of miscommunication the beginning of the month and I have yet to have AF come around so I begrudgingly took the test. so much relief because while we do want more kids, I REALLY do not want them this close together. I cannot handle it mentally, emotionally or physically. Needless to say, condoms all the way until DD is well past a year old.  Honestly, I was surprised by how much I did not want it to be positive partially for the whole how in the world would we tell our families aspect.  I felt a bit embarrassed bc I do not take bringing a child into the world lightly and it would not have been planned in any way but a part of me kind of got excited (um when I didn't think about that whole pg, birth, two kids under possibly 1yr thing).  DH was actually mostly disappointed.  So, I have come to the place that a surprise baby would be cool, just not until at least a year from now lol.  anyway, that was enough drama for me today!

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Kai'smum- yep that love is amazing, I was worried before I had my second, and totally on the them loving on each other soon, even now it makes my heart happy.


flavorful- glad it was negative, I'd lose my mind if I had babies that close together. I think the only reason I can (mostly) handle four is because there is some space between them.



this is my niece Quinn.



She was 7 lbs 9 0z 20 inches long 13 inch head. Mere did great I'm sure she will post her birth story later and I will link to it. I found being her doula was harder than being a doula for my friends because when my sister was in pain I was trying SO HARD not to cry, I just wanted to take over for her or something. Then when Quinn was born I was just bawling and couldn't see through the camera's viewfinder at all.

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Hi everyone! I’m so excited to hear about all of your moving babies! Edie has gotten great at flipping onto her tummy, but then gets stranded there and we have to come rescue her most of the time. She can sort of sit, supported, and likes to stand and walk, supported. But that’s it. Army crawling sounds fantastic! She is also really into ‘talking’ these days—mostly a low, growly moan sound. It’s seriously like something out of a zombie movie—all I can say back when she starts doing it is ‘Brains! Braaaaaiiiins!!’

Chiro and Day—my hair is coming out more, but no bald spots. I do have a friend with curly hair who started getting thin spots after her son was born—maybe it’s something to do with curly hair? He’s one now, and her hair seems to be growing back in, so at least it’ll probably be temporary!

Adore—is there any way you could get a nurse to do a home visit? I get nervous about drs offices, too.

Courtney—congrats on your new niece! She’s a total cutie! That must have been an awesome experience to share with your sister—though I can see how it would be harder than just being with a friend.

Flavor—oh, wow. What a relief! We had talked very briefly about playing baby roulette (since I got my period back so freaking early. I’m already on my second one! Ugh) but then realized how sad we’d be if I were pregnant again right away and too tired to enjoy the baby we have right now.

Being back at work is ok—I’m mostly dealing with a little jealousy that my wife gets to stay home with the baby still, and I want to be there with them all day. But I’m happy that they’re getting the time together. And in three weeks she’s going back to work, too, and we’ll be putting Edie in daycare, so I know that it’s temporary, and that I’ll be sad when neither of us gets to be with her all day.
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Okay, I am seriously homesick, I broke down in tears yesterday on the phone with Hubs, my complaint being "life with one baby is so boring, I want my hectic life back" so he made me laugh a bit sharing the insanity that is our home. Juniper (the 3 year old) got a bloody nose, something about Josie (the 6 year old) and a block. Jewel (the 9 year old) got a black eye from Juniper, and I just can imagine the delightful chaos and I want to be back in it. What does one do with all the time available with only one kid?? I'm freaking clueless.


Did I tell you all that Cora has forward moevment down? Now she is getting in crawl position consistently and has even moved one leg forward, if only she could figure out lifting the hands she'd be off.

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Courtney - sorry you are feeling homesick. When are you going home? I bet after a few days amidst all that chaos, you'll be longing for a few minutes of quiet time!


Chiro - I'm losing gobs of hair. I did after DS and I am this time too. I have to vaccum my bathroom after I get ready in the morning because the floor looks like some sort of animal!


Adore - We dont vax either but we have to do WBV - all of them. I work for the state and we are Unionized and as part of the last contract negotiations they created this stupid Health Enhancement program and if employees don't particpate they are monitarilty penalized. It sucks!


Arby - Charlotte has been in daycare for 3 weeks now. The first week she barely ate anything while there. Now she takes about 9-10 oz over the course of 9 hrs. Not as much as id like, but what can I do? I figure if she is hungry she will eat. Our daycare provider tells me she really fight the bottle and gets mad and rolls the nipple around and chews on it.

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Marnica, I am sure after a few days I will TOTALLY want a break. I leave thursday.

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I'm just trying to catch up now after being away with little computer time for almost 3 weeks. I'm glad to hear everybody is doing well!!! I'm going to take a pregnancy test tommorrow because i'm super paranoid about being pregnant again... i'm just not quite ready for that yet.

rosebud is delightful and growing soooo fast. she's also rolling and wriggling around a lot these days and i'm starting to think i had better get around to baby-proofing the house, quick!

does anybody know where i could buy replacement flanges for the medela in style for cheap/ a friend gave me one but i have to replace some parts on it and i didn't realize they were so expensive!

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Oh my goodness just back from a hurricane evacuation! I'm completely exhausted but we are safe and dry so all is well. We don't usually levae for a category one storm but with the new levee system the area I live I seems to take on more water...and boy did it. I'm praying that my kids school(which was supposed to start on Tuesday) is still dry too! Otherwise I'll have to come up with a quick plan B for child care! Much love to all and I will be back soon for personals!
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Last I posted, we were going to have Savian's posterior tongue tie snipped.  We did and the procedure went well but it has been a month now and still no progress on the latch.  He may open up wide enough initially, but will then slip off and slurp the nipple back in.  For a couple weeks I was pumping like a mad woman to try and build my supply back up.  The first day I pumped (no nursing) I got 4 oz and not a single letdown - all milk via breast compressions.  My supply had dropped that low due to his tongue tie.  I kept at it and started on Domperidone to speed things up and am now at a full supply but still very hard to get a letdown.  I know it is stress related and will be going to see the hypnotherapist who did my hypnobirthing class to help with it as I can't stand to see him put in so much work for so little when I can't get a letdown.  I am transitioning from exclusive pumping to pumping and nursing.  I tried all nursing yesterday but I think it was too much for Savian.  His little jaw quivered all day and his baby talk was full of quivers (a sign of working his jaw to the point of exhaustion during feeding).  


I will continue to give him 3-4 bottles a day as long as I see the quivers.  Hopefully he will either build up some jaw strength or finally figure out his latch.  That reminds me, I haven't done his tongue exercises since I started really nursing again so I will try those tomorrow to see if they help with the latch.


I finally have a few minutes to sit down and read posts - when I was pumping I was literally pumping for 30 minutes every 1.5 hours so between pumping and baby, I had no time for anything.  Thank God I was laid off!

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chiro - that sounds so exhausting! I'm glad that you made it back home in one piece! Hopefully your kiddos's school is intact!

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Tara: whoah! Let us know what the test says!

Chiro: Glad you're safe!

Nic: you are amazing! One dedicated Mama.

Holden has started sucking his thumb in the last few days. DH is always taking it out of his mouth if he sees him doing it, convinced it will ruin his teeth. I just leave it. Should I be concerned?
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pictures of my sis's babe and a link to her birth slideshow, she's veritas vitae



poor Savian. glad your supply is up though/


chiro let us know about his school

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Nic: Second the dedicated comment. You are working so hard and you should take tremendous pride in that. Kudos, gal.


Courtney: Your sis's video is unbelievable. I had goosebumps all over. So, so beautiful.

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so very very very tired.  just popped in to ask a quick question... anyone else dealing with hair loss?? I'm losing lots of hair.  i know my thyroid is gearing down since i'm not pregnant now, but this is ridiculous.  i'm literally getting bald spots.  if only you ladies know my hair.  it's iconic.  thick, long, and ridiculously curly.  it's how people identify me.  to a large extent, it's how i identify myself.  and now, bald spots. really?? i don't mean to sound so vein, and I hope you don't think less of me, but it's hard to look in the mirror, and see my postpartum body, and top it off with pulling my hair up (which i do every day for work) only to see bald spots.  I don't even recognize me anymore.  **trigger major identity crisis**

thanks for listening...

Chiro, how has the hair loss been going? Any change? I have started to lose massive quantities of hair, and it seems like my hairline is receding a bit. When I pull my hair in a ponytail I can see spots where there is only short hair, no long, where it was full before. Hopefully just a phase...
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