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Last I posted, we were going to have Savian's posterior tongue tie snipped.  We did and the procedure went well but it has been a month now and still no progress on the latch.  He may open up wide enough initially, but will then slip off and slurp the nipple back in.  For a couple weeks I was pumping like a mad woman to try and build my supply back up.  The first day I pumped (no nursing) I got 4 oz and not a single letdown - all milk via breast compressions.  My supply had dropped that low due to his tongue tie.  I kept at it and started on Domperidone to speed things up and am now at a full supply but still very hard to get a letdown.  I know it is stress related and will be going to see the hypnotherapist who did my hypnobirthing class to help with it as I can't stand to see him put in so much work for so little when I can't get a letdown.  I am transitioning from exclusive pumping to pumping and nursing.  I tried all nursing yesterday but I think it was too much for Savian.  His little jaw quivered all day and his baby talk was full of quivers (a sign of working his jaw to the point of exhaustion during feeding).  

I will continue to give him 3-4 bottles a day as long as I see the quivers.  Hopefully he will either build up some jaw strength or finally figure out his latch.  That reminds me, I haven't done his tongue exercises since I started really nursing again so I will try those tomorrow to see if they help with the latch.

I finally have a few minutes to sit down and read posts - when I was pumping I was literally pumping for 30 minutes every 1.5 hours so between pumping and baby, I had no time for anything.  Thank God I was laid off!
Im sorry you didn't see better results from the clip. You are one strong and dedicated mama.
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I'm just trying to catch up now after being away with little computer time for almost 3 weeks. I'm glad to hear everybody is doing well!!! I'm going to take a pregnancy test tommorrow because i'm super paranoid about being pregnant again... i'm just not quite ready for that yet.
rosebud is delightful and growing soooo fast. she's also rolling and wriggling around a lot these days and i'm starting to think i had better get around to baby-proofing the house, quick!
does anybody know where i could buy replacement flanges for the medela in style for cheap/ a friend gave me one but i have to replace some parts on it and i didn't realize they were so expensive!

What size flange? I have extra of the standard size.

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Tara: whoah! Let us know what the test says!
Chiro: Glad you're safe!
Nic: you are amazing! One dedicated Mama.
Holden has started sucking his thumb in the last few days. DH is always taking it out of his mouth if he sees him doing it, convinced it will ruin his teeth. I just leave it. Should I be concerned?

I feel like taking his thumb away from him would be a losing battle, unless you're with him 24/7, regardless of the effects. does he get great comfort from it? I would love it Odin started regularly sucking his thumb. I think he would be able to sleep more easily.

Tarabelle - BFN???
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not pregnant... phew!

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Yay Tara! smile.gif
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Yay for not being pregnant! :) 


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Also, is anyone else starving? I am so hungry all the time. I remember going through a phase like this with DS around this age, but man, sometimes the hungry is pretty intense. I am pretty sure I am currently out eating my husband. And cravings way more than when I was pregnant. 

Speaking of pregnant...anyone missing it? When I was looking for a shot of Nora to put in the picture thread I ran across this photo:

nd I was just really struck with how much I miss her being all move-y around inside. Just feeling very nostalgic for that time I guess. She is just so very sweet and wonderful and the birth went so smoothly that I wish that I could have those last weeks back and not have any of the "what ifs" that I had bouncing around in my brain distracting me from soaking up the last bits of having her all to myself. 

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Definitely not hungry all the time.  I have been trying to eat to the point where I stay flat or gain a bit weight wise while I was building my supply back up.  I am back at full supply now.  I used domperidone to get back quickly because I wasn't able to get any letdowns via pumping and am now weaning myself back off while still maintaining supply.


I am now breastfeeding at night and pumping during the day.   I have a VERY hard time getting letdowns.  I know it is all mental.  My lactation consultant describes it as nursing PTSD.  At night Savian is more tolerant of the flow I get when I massage down the milk.  During he day, he wants an immediate letdown and if he has to nurse more than a couple seconds without one, gets frustrated.  It is so cute that he still prefers the boob for sleepy nursing and when he is ready to go down for a nap.  He will spit out the bottle and start rooting at the breast.  Because I am having a hard time with letdowns, I often just wait for a random letdown, drop whatever I am doing, run to the pump and pump it out.  It is pretty funny.  


I am visiting the family and helping out my brother with his business.  My mom is watching Savian so I need to pump during the day anyway.  Once I get home, I would like to keep helping my brother remotely and will try to start fitting in some workouts.  I am ready to loose those last 10-15 lbs.  Savian turned 4 months this weekend!




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OMG, I just looked at that second pic and realized he is getting so tall!  I might have to put on the extension headrest for his carseat in the next few months.  Crazy!

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i have a little breastfeeding joke i came up with the other day...


hey mama's, how can you tell your new baby is your biggest fan?



they are always rooting for you!

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Tara, that joke is hilarious, I love it

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So Collin is a solid food eating maniac. I spoke to the doc today and he said breakfast and dinner were appropriate at Collins age, but really, my little monster eats 3 meals and 2 snacks a day and and doesn't miss a nursing session in between. Ahhhhh! Now what? I mentioned how much he was eating and the doc said at 21 lbs 3 meals would be ok, but C is only 18 lbs, so what's the right balance!?! He is bconsolobale if we don't give him his " real food" ... So what would u do? Any advice? All his fod is home made, and so far he has had: oatmeal, banana, applesauce, avocado, and carrots...

Tara, seriously, I will repeat that joke! Love it!

Nicom, u are so so dedicated and such an inspiration, ur sweet baby is so adorable!

kaismum I'm not so hungry these days but kind of think may have been dealing with hand, foot and mouth disease as both the kids have now come out with the rash... We' ll see how the next few days go!

c is up, gotta run!!
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Hi ladies! I've been off line most of the summer, but just logged on to catch up. I miss you all!  I'm not going to do personals, but will try to come on more often so I can stay caught up.


Atticus is the most wonderful baby on earth, although I feel like I'm less and less patient with my big boys. I need to remind myself that just because they aren't the babies any more, doesn't mean they are adults either. 


We hit a deer on the highway a few weeks ago, so have been to and from the chiro constantly.  Fun times.  On a good note, my insurance deductible is only $250, and I'll get 3 brand new car seats out of it.  I'm totally getting Radians. 


And, my big news is that today we started the process to adopt my 7 year old foster-neice. She has been living with my SIL for almost 2 years, and will be up for adoption in the next few months, and we've decided we couldn't live with ourselves if we let her stay in the foster system for the rest of her life. Being 7 and with disabilities, she's not very adoptable, so we may be her only chance. Pray for us that the process goes quickly - we'd love to have her by Christmas in our home. She is deaf (although she hears well with hearing aids), so I guess I will finally become good at signing.  Atticus will be the perfect little baby signer.  My other boys knew the basics (milk, food, drink, all done, etc.), but we are all going to have to learn it all.  I'm so excited and really hope it all works out.


Talk to you all soon!

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Wow Jenny, adopting your foster niece is exciting and probably daunting! Good luck and I'll be praying it all goes quickly for you!
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Jenny, good luck in the adoption process, hopefully it goes smoothly.


i feel like I haven't been around a lot.  I'm crazy decluttering my house (10 boxes and 9 bags for selling stacked up waiting for a garage sale and  a bunch of trash already gone) and it is taking up SO MUCH TIME and the kids are destroying the house while I do it, so today I SHOULD be cleaning since people are coming over and it is totally not okay to have people over like this.

Because of the state of my house we have been putting Coraline in a box while we are in the kitchen or dining room and my sweet girl at 5 months 2 weeks and 3 days pulled up to standing, she has officially surpassed her sisters in the doing physical things early category.

Jewel, my earliest walked pulled herself to standing the day she turned 6 months and was walking everywhere by 8 months. We shall see, I can surely tell that this kid REALLY wants to move and gets frustrated when her body won't do what she wants.

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