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Needing some help estimating prefolds......

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Hi!  So we used the BumGenius diapers with DD and for as long as we could with DS.  They were the ones that had the snappies and grew with the kids.  They just fell apart and started wicking the pee onto the outside covers so bad.  We were lucky to get to 5 months with DS and as for overnight...no way.  I was so careful about washing and drying.  Then my father-in-law bought us a front loader he swore I would love (yeah...on country water...HATED it) so much and it just ruined them over a handful of months.  I had a few other issues with the diapers from the start so we've decided to use a whole new system.  I've played with some wool soakers and I've decided I really love them.  I've been getting different sized soakers knitted up.  Now this is where I need a bit of help.  I need to order the prefolds.  I'll probably be washing every other day.  I'm going to order from Green Mountain Diapers and I'm needing some help with getting an idea of how many to order for this new little baby coming in a month.  Any ideas?!  You would think after two kids I'd have a better idea.  Thanks!!

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Hi, I've used the GMD prefolds +  PUL covers from the start. I wash every other day, line dry except when it's super cold & rainy, and I have three dozen diapers in each size (xs, s, m).  That has worked really well so far--it's enough that I never really have to worry about running out.  If you intend to dry in the dryer you probably don't need so many, but heck, prefolds are pretty cheap and not having to worry about running out means a lot to me, so if we need a bigger size I'll probably buy three dozen of that too!


The smaller sizes I now use to double-diaper at night and to put on top of the changing pad to soak up accidents.  I love my prefolds.

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Thank you so much!  See, I was toying between 2 to 3 dozen per size.  I'll go with 3.  We're getting our clothesline up so I'll be line drying too, but winter will be here before I know it so I'll be putting them in the dryer a bit too.  Someone else had mentioned to me the ability to reuse the smaller sizes for some extra absorption, especially at night.  Sounds like a plan!  Thanks again for you advice!

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Ive really like the gmd prefolds. Yes, 2-3dz is what I would suggest. I did 2dz per size. I suggest the yellow then brown

Look at the gmd workhorse. I had poop leaks with prefolds, never with workhorse. Not a big deal with PUL covers, but more an issue with wool.
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