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Using Midwife at hospital

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I was wondering if the medicaid/charity care covered patients at Morristown Hospital have choice to use the midwives rather than a doctor.


I am asking because when I had my first baby at Hackettstown, I was under medicaid, and was able to use the midwives, who were then available there in the healthstart clinic.  I had a wonderful experience doing a natural water birth, but now this time around with my second pregnancy am a little worried, since Hackettstown don't have the midwives anymore.

If I go to Morristown and am on medicaid or charity care will I be able to do the same as I did with my first pregnancy?  Will I be able to use the midwives?  Any other hospital where I can have similar option as I did during my first pregnancy?

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Hi Mina,

  I'm sorry I don't have an answer for you.  You may want to also post this in your tribal area to see if someone near you has experience they can share.  Congratulations on your new baby!

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