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where do I start?

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Wow!  I just found this forum and I'm a little confused.  What's TTC, AF, LP, LH?  I'm 45 and we have three kids, we'd like to have another one but I haven't been concieving.  We are not, nor have we ever used any preventative, i.e.birth control.  I still and having a normal cycle, about 4-5 days, appx. 21 days, not too heavy.  Maybe I'm not ovulating anymore?  


Anyways, I found this site, and my question is, is there someplace to start where I can learn more about whatever it is you are talking about with all this secret spy coding?

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I forgot to add, I started Natural Woman progesterone cream this past month, I'm about to start my cycle, actually I'm a day late, probably because of the cream, I'm sure.  I've been tracking ovulation on an Ovulation tracking app.  I know I could get an ovulation kit, but my husband doesn't want me getting one of these for some reason, although, he says he does want another child as well.

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Here is a link to some of the acronyms that is pretty helpful.



TTC = trying to conceive

AF = Aunt Flo, your period

LP = luteal phase

LH - Luteinizing hormone, this is what OPK's test for


A 21-day cycle seems kind of short.  Your tracking app should be able to tell you when you ovulate and how long your LP is.  There are ways to lengthen your LP to better support a pregnancy.  Good luck!

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Thank you for your welcome.  


Okay, I checked my app and I have a 24 day cycle.  As you can tell, I'm very clueless.  


So, I'm using this progesterone cream and now I'm 2 days late for my period, but I'm on the 12th day of using the cream which is when I'm suppose to stop.  But since I'd like to get pregnant, or I'm TTC, do I continue the cream indefinitely???


I appreciate any answers, help or resource suggestions



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Hi Cindy, 24 days does sound better!  I have not used progesterone cream but I do take progesterone.  I take it the day after I ovulate until I get a negative pregnancy test and then I stop so that AF can start.  If I were pregnant, I would keep taking it through the first trimester.  Since our bodies mainly make progesterone after we ovulate, I would assume that is when you should use the cream.  It sounds like that's what the directions say.  Best wishes and here's some baby dust for you!


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