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Looking for input!!

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So... I am now 3wks 1day 'overdue'! My mother has told me I was overdue by over a month, and went into labor by falling!! My mother-in-law was in between 2 1/2-4weeks overdue for all three of her boys. I was seeing a mid-wife, but now am considered 'high-risk' and have to see a Dr. I've just met twice a week until the baby is born. Of course the Dr. has been pressuring me to induce!! I have purchased black cohosh, but don't think I'll be taking it!! I did buy some castor oil, as a last resort, but I really am getting tired of being poked, prodded, and monitored!! The baby is healthy and I'm healthy, which is the most important thing! I'm 50% effaced, less than 2cm dilated. I'm thinking of taking CO in the morning, Ina May style... guess I'm looking for support or advice?!

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Also, would like to hear some feedback about sweeping of the membranes, as it has been offered as another option to me....

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I had sweeping done at 41w5 with my last and went into labour that night.  They wanted to induce the next day, so I'm grateful it worked.

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Acupuncturists can induce labor, if you have access to one.  I wish I had known that last time!

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You can try accupressure points to induce labour. Here is a link http://www.maternityacupressure.com/acupressure-start-labor/acupressure-to-induce-labor.html


I personally wouldn't do CO. It not only induces labour, but also has a high chance of inducing vomiting and diarrhea. Labour is bad enough without vomit and diarrhea!


Accupuncture can work.


Sex may be worth a try.

A good breast pump may help.


Good luck.

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