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Is it possible to have Mittelschmerz after conceiving during ovulation?

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I have looked everywhere for this answer.  I experience predictable Mittelschmerz every month 2-3 days after I ovulate (according to calendar, EWCM, and sometimes a OPK).  This month, we tried to conceive and I feel confident we hit the O time frame.  Three days later, I'm having my regular, predictable O-pain.  Does that mean we didn't conceive?  Or is it still possible?  Do any of you get o-pain after ovulation? and have you ever experienced it and still got a positive preg test?  It's hard to be patient...

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Conception does not prevent ovulation, so you could potentially have your typical ovulation pains whether you conceived or not. You still ovulated, after all.
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Actually, you don't ovulate after you conceive. Your body is designed to prevent this from happening.


Your ovaries are probably sensitive to the fluids released by the ruptured follicles -- you may not be feeling them actually rupture, but just being irritated by the after effects of the process. Your temp, ewcm, and cervical position are much more reliable indicators for timing ovulation than mittelschmertz.

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Perhaps you misunderstood as I didn't word my answer well. The month you conceive, you must have ovulated. Without ovulation, there can not be conception. Once a women conceives, she will no longer ovulate throughout the pregnancy. The op may potentially feel miitelschmerz during a cycle of conception, as ovulation must have occurred. I don't think she was using O pain as an indicator of O, just wondering if it was possible to feel miitelschmerz during a cycle in which she hoped to conceive.
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ovulation occurs 1-3 days after a +OPK, so that cramping your feeling 2 days after +OPK just means thats the day you are actually ovulating. 


I'm sure you meant to ask if cramping after ovulation a sign of pregnancy and the answer would be yes, it happens throughout pregnancy.

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I just re-read OP's question, and I see that she wrote "I experience mittelschmertz every month 2-3 days AFTER I ovulate" (which is what I responded to, lol). But then I see that OP is basing ovulation on ewcm, the calendar, and OPKs. In this case, OP, since those things can only indicate approaching ovulation and can't indicate when you have ovulated (like temperature and cervical position can), I would agree that the mittelschmertz you're experiencing is happening at ovulation. This makes perfect sense -- ewcm and OPKs help you predict when you should dtd, which is usually 2-3 days before you ovulate.


As to cramping, you can definitely cramp after conception -- many women do (and I did with all of my pregnancies). GL!

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If you aren't pregnant, I'd strongly suggest you start tracking your basal body temperature, to more accurately pinpoint ovulation.  It'll happen a day or a few days after the EWCM, and the OPKs can be quite off too.  BBT only tells you that you already did ovulate (unless you dip on O day, as some do), but it still helps you understand the sequence your body prefers.

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I don't think it's a sign either way. When you ovulate, your egg bursts from a follicle on your ovary. This is what causes mittelschmerz. Afterward, a cyst is left on your ovary. The cyst can cause mittelschmerz-like feelings through your luteal phase, whether you are pregnant or not. 

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round2mommy:  Unfortunately a calendar, opk, and ewcm cannot tell you when you ovulated.  They just tell you that ovulation is coming in the near-ish future and that it's good time to have sex if you want to get pregnant.  Charting your temperatures would help clear up your confusion.  For example, I ovulate about 2 full days after I feel my O-pain.  

Either way, good luck!

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Update... I guess we did hit the mark. BFP! I got my result before I even missed my period. Thanks for all your answers!
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