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Blood work for 16 month old

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So it turns out that the city piping supplying our 1920's neighbourhood is lead. Our family dr wants to test DD's lead levels to ensure they aren't too high from drinking our tap water. I'm freaking out a bit (okay, a lot) because as far as I understand it, it involves drawing blood into a vial where the patient has to sit still and cooperate. She is a very active, typical young toddler and I have trouble enough holding her leg steady for a vaccination. I'd love to hear from others who have had this done: how did you get your kiddo to hold still? I'd love any tips that helped. So far my best idea is to nurse through it but she is super curious and probably wouldn't even latch or stay on for long. Thanks in advance.
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At my doc's office there are two people in the lab and they had me hold my son on my lap while one person held down the arm and the other drew the blood.  Both my boys have had this type of blood draw twice (we live in an old house so lead is always a concern), one of them was squirmy and disliked being held down and the other was easily distracted by the nurse but the process went quickly and smoothly for both.

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I put them on my lap, wrap my arms around them and help hold them still. 

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My daughter has blood taken from the arm at 10 months, and the equipment in the phlebotomy lab was so interesting to her that she was fine.  She had a second blood draw at her 2 year appointment, but just from the finger.  That one we got through by me holding her close and singing Mary Had a Little Lamb. 

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Thank you for the helpful responses. We went in today to do the blood work and it was a LOT easier than I thought it would be. The dr gave us a list of baby friendly labs that have small needles on hand and handle a large volume of kids. For the collection, I held her on my lap, holding down one arm. One technician held her other arm steady and another took the sample. It was over in about 30 seconds but of course she cried. She calmed down very quickly by nursing in the waiting room. When she was done, she started whining and picking at the cotton ball/bandage on her arm. She wasn't bleeding so I just took it off. The second she didn't have that reminder on her arm, she was totally cheerful again, as if the whole thing never happened. She is her usual self now too at bedtime, peacefully nursing to sleep. For anyone else who has to have blood drawn from a baby/toddler, it won't be as bad as you might think, just try to find a lab that is used to taking samples from lots of little ones. Thanks again everybody :-)
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