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Links to favorite birth videos?

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I can't remember if we have a thread like this already (if we do, I'll gladly move this over!) but I was hoping we could pool some links to good birth videos. I'm thinking of "good" in a pretty open way here- maybe it shows something you'd like to use/do when you give birth, maybe a good illustration of the diversity of birthing experiences, maybe it's technically well-shot/cut, or maybe it just touches you.


To start us out, there's one that a lot of you may have already seen as it's on the Spinning Babies site (posterior birth), but it never ceases to make me tear up.. Watching this little girl open her eyes and take in her first glimpses of the world as she's being born just fills me with awe. Link is here.


Anybody else?

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Oh Hyde, I did a little fist pump when I saw your post.  That is a GREAT idea! I love nothing more than watching birth videos and can't wait to see what everyone's favorites are.

Here's a great one about making a cesarean a more natural experience, kind of long but good info if you know you're headed for a planned c/s.


An all-time fave of a french woman smiling and laughing and just looking darling and so happy during her birth:


This is the video they showed at our hypnobirthing class, it's almost too zen to be real!


And this one I just like, it's sweet how involved the whole family is.


This last one is a link to a blog post with three videos of one woman's labor and birth, I adore this blog and the birth videos strike me as being very relatable but she handles herself so well.  Love her birth noises. 

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I like this thread!  I think these last couple weeks of pregnancy I am going to be just watching birth videos since I ran out of reading material!  Can't wait to check these out!

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Mybirth.tv has some good homebirth videos. It is from the uk, so you can also listen to all the cool accents
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Oh my gosh. These videos are so beautiful. I'm in tears! And feeling empowered. Just what i needed. Thanks so much for sharing these, everyone!! I can't wait to meet my little guy. There's something about a second birth over a first, for me at least, because it's so much less surreal. I feel like i will be more emotional this time around. Everything about this pregnancy, and i think the birth, will be so real, so felt, and i imagine i will feel more grounded and 'with' my baby. Not that the first (also a home birth) wasn't perfect and beautiful in its own way!

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Just want to add that i decided to share the birth video with my 2.5 year old DD, of the family home birth that Miranda shared in her post. She loved it! Asked to watch it over and over. And it helped me to explain to her where the baby comes out etc. And she asked if the mother was in pain and i said yes, but she is channeling it with her humming, and the whole family is humming with her, and she is surrounded by love and support, and that birth is not a scary thing, that it's a most wonderful thing, it's LIFE!! I said that some women growl like bears and others scream and some hum and we all have our ways and they are all good. And then i talked about her birth. She was really, really interested in the video and our chat. It was great!!

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How sweet is your DD Mittens! it's especially cute that she wanted to know how the mother was feeling :) very empathetic <3 <3

I remembered this video just now, it's something that I am so so so looking forward to, the breast crawl.  - be warned the music gets kind of annoying, but the baby is absolutely darling.  His lil legs kicking to get himself where he wants to be is my favorite part. 


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Such sweet videos :)  I am going to check out mybirth.tv some more.  We have the video of the homebirth of a midwife in mexico on dvd, they show it in hypnobirthing and I think birthing from Within.  We have watched that one with my DD many times and she loves it.

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