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Hypnobabies question

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For those of you who have learned hypnobabies, how often do they say stuff about hypnosis "anesthesia"? Because as they like to point out, words are powerful, and that word makes me cringe. I've had 2 natural births and all I associate medical anesthesia with is risks, not benefit. I know in my mind that this is different but I don't want to fight the clarification internally all the time when I hear it, especially in scripts.

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They say it a lot. If you have a serious aversion to the word I would suggest looking for something else. If you can get past it it is a wonderful program.
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They do use the word, but you learn about it as "Hypno-anesthesia" which is very different to medical anesthesia. You also do a lot of "fear clearing" in the course, which would really benefit you with your aversion. It is a really great program that worked very well for me, and works well for other women as well! Maybe you could find an instructor in your area and talk to her about it.  Or if you plan on doing the Home-study, you could call Hypnobabies Head-quarters and talk to them. They are very helpful to the Home-study students. Good luck!!

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Although they do say "hypno-anesthesia" and "anesthesia," they also point out that actually what hypnosis can provide is technically analgesia because you still feel sensations--they just aren't painful. I had a similar bias against the term "anesthesia" because I have had life-threatening reactions to it in the past, but I went through hypnobabies without any difficulty and benefited from it during birth.

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Ditto PP. I had an aversion to the word too because I work in the medical profession and I generally don't react well with anesthesia. But I was able to use the program without trouble and felt like it really helped me during birth. 

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