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We have whooping cough :(

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Ursa, DD1, and myself all have it. We all started ezythromycin, high vit c, pro biotics, essential oils- what more can we try?


DD1 has night coughing/vomiting, diarrhea and is tired and cranky.


Ursa has labored breathing, coughing, gooey eyes/nose, thrush, diarrhea.


I have sore throat, gooey eyes/nose, head pain, cough.


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Oh no! I am so sorry to hear that. I am praying and sending healing thoughts your way, I hope someone has some helpful advice.

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oh my! so sorry you guys are so ill! praying for you!

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you poor babies! sending so many good/healy vibes your way

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Oh my! I hope you all heal quickly!

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Ugh, I am so sorry. DH had it when he was 12 and said it was awful. I hope you all heal quickly!

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I'm so sorry, I wish I had some advice

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Oh man I am so sorry! I hope you are feeling a little better by now? That just sounds awful.

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Im sorry you are dealing with this but there is treatment that is very effective. Remember that the antibiotics do nothing to treat the disease - they just kill the bacteria so it will be less likely to spread. Antibiotics actually make the course of the disease worse and prolong the cough. You said High Vit C but how high are you doing and what type? WC is treatable but it must be done the right way. You must get Sodium ascorbate and dose to bowel tolerance over the course of 24 hours. You find a starting point by using 300mg per 2.2lbs of body weight. So if your DD weighs 10 pounds say you would shoot for a dose of 1365 (round up to 1400mg) of SA spread out over 24 hours. Mix the SA in juice or BM. For yourself lets say you weigh 140lbs divide by 2.2 and multiple by 300. this is over 19,000mg. This seems like alot, but trust me your body needs it right now desparately. if you get loose stools drop a dose or 2. If no loose stools up by a dose or 2 and go from there. Every person is different and may need a different dose to get to BT. When dosed properly SA can have a miraculous effect on WC within 24 hours. When not dosed properly, it wont do a thing.


read this hope it helps!!



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