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Who is feeling baby move?

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I apologize if this was covered in another thread, but I'm 99% sure I'm feeling baby move and it's so lovely!  I'm 14.5 weeks along now with baby number 2.  With DD, I had an anterior placenta and started to feel movements at about 18 - 19 weeks with regular movements being felt a little later.

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I am! I'm 13+5 now. I've been feeling him/her since around 12 weeks, but the movements are getting much more distinct. I felt definite little kicks yesterday and today. I feel movement early, I think my uterus is lax after so many babies. I love it!

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I'm 16 weeks now and have been feeling the baby for 3 or 4 weeks!  They are so quick though, when I feel it and stop to focus on it the movements stop - or move to where I can't feel them.  I'm excited for the point when I can feel him/her all the time!

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This is my first so I'm having a really hard time distinguishing. I'm over 15 weeks now, so I should be able to feel the little guy (or girl) anytime now and every once in a while I could swear I feel something that might be movement, but I can't be sure.


I'm so excited to be able to feel kicks and movements properly!

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I have an anterior placenta (well, anterior and off to the right a bit) this time so its tough.. I can tell from the doppler and what i'm feeling/not feeling where my placenta is, which is fun and a bit annoying, this makes 3 anterior placentas for me! .  this is #4 and i'm 14w4d ..  i know i've felt some kicks movements, all on the far left side but not every day and not enough to be reassuring unless i happen to feel them while i've got the doppler out so i KNOW that is for sure baby.. 

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I'm feeling movement, but only really when I lay on my belly.

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I think i have felt super quick flutters every once in a while.... but it is so quick that i can never figure out if it is baby.... i am pretty sure i have been feeling baby for a week or two.
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I am... a LOT! I wonder what this little one will be like. It is the earliest, most active baby yet. I'm 15 weeks today, and I've been feeling lots of movement for a few weeks. Very unlike me. I am looking forward to seeing the midwife for the first time next Wed to find out if I'm farther along than I've calculated. :)

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It's so great to hear you mamas saying so confidently that you feel movement as early as 12/13 weeks.

This is because I doubt myself here. When I feel anything, I think "its too early to be really feeling movement so it must be gas or something"

Truth is, this is my 3rd, I feel these very quick involuntary twitches right in my belly but they are really quick and rare. I never felt it this early (13wks).

Inspired by you guys confidence, I must declare, indeed there a little one moving inside my belly! joy.gif
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I can't wait to feel some movement! For first timers, it can be as late as 25 weeks before movement is felt. For those who've had children, the uterine wall is thinner from being stretched with previous pregnancies. Movement can be felt as early as 12 weeks. innocent.gif


 Supposedly, the baby is most active between 9pm and 1am due to blood sugar fluctuations. I lie in bed at night and try to really focus all of my energy and concentration on perceiving some movement. So far...nada! Not even the slightest flutter or twinge. C'mon baby...I know you're in there! babyf.gif

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Originally Posted by JessNP View Post

. So far...nada! Not even the slightest flutter or twinge. C'mon baby...I know you're in there! babyf.gif

Same! I want to feel something so badly. The other day I was almost sure and then I realized it was a muscle twinge. Le sigh.

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I am about 13 weeks and 3 days. I am definitly feeling movement! Its so weird to be able to distingush the movement now. But it feels so bizzare to me this time around (I have a 6 year old daughter.)
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I felt flutters around 12 weeks.  However now I'm def feeling movement, 16 weeks tomorrow.  Can't wait til my kids can feel bb move.

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I'm 14w 1d with #4 and starting to feel little fleeting flutters. It is amazing!

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flutters for about a week and a half now, maybe more, but still not firm steady movement, so excited for real kicking.

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I swear I felt a twitch the other night while lying on my side. Definitely NOT gas, lol. But nothing consistent yet, at 14 weeks.

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I'm 13w1d and I felt my first flutter today!  Very briefly and only once so far, but so exciting.  I know it's early, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't gas or muscle twinge.  Can't wait to feel more.

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I hadn't felt movement for the past 4-5 days and then this morning felt baby do a little flip (or something)! So reassuring. 

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I've noticed that whenever I do something strenuous, my uterus tightens and I can feel them squirming. Yesterday, I put DH's hand on ,my belly and he could feel baby b moving for just a second. I'd been walking for about 30 minutes and started getting very tired. Typically, it happens most often after an orgasm, which is weird.

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I didn't feel my other two til around 20 weeks, so I'm still waiting. I do feel my uterus stretching and tightening at night, and sometimes I think I feel a little something else in there, but not quite the kicks and squirms yet.

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