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Hello all. I have a question related to my anxiety. I have been having chest pains and pain in between my shoulder blades. Does anyone else that have anxiety experience this? Doctor thinks the pain in between the shoulder blades is muscular. I went to the ER last week because I was having chest pains and they told me it was an anxiety attack and they ran an EKG and everything, which came back normal. This is affecting my everyday life and the doctors seem to be concerned that its not my heart. I am also worried that I am going to have an heart attack all the time. I just want to know if other people suffering form this have symptoms similar to the ones I described. Thanks in advance.

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the chest pains sound very much like anxiety, and i am glad that you had physical causes ruled out.

did your careprovider talk to you about postpartum anxiety and ways to help you manage it?

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