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back pains a sign of back labor?

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My dear baby has finally turned head down (this is a twin pregnancy) and he is the one on the bottom that needed to turn. So I am super thankful but now I am having bad backpain. He is super low so I can't really even do pelvic tilts to ease pain bc my pelvis won't tilt with him in there. When I experience Braxton Hicks now they are associated with a very intense back pain, I am worried this may mean back labor. Anyone have experience with this?

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I can't speak to your specific concern, but i can say that i had back labor with my DD and didn't experience any back pain until labor began. I'm just hoping for you that that means your back pain is unrelated to back labor.

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Well I have no personal experience but I have often read that the pain you describe now is indicative of back labor. Sure hope that's note the case!
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I don't have any experience with twin pregnancy/labor but my last daughter was posterior for several weeks and it is common to have back labor with a baby in posterior position. However, while she was posterior during those weeks, I did not have any back pain at all. I guess all I'm saying is that what you're feeling right now, won't necessarily dictate what you will feel during labor. Have you gone to spinningbabies.com to see if there are any exercises for optimal twin positioning?

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Labor with my first child started with a horrible twinge/spasm in my lower back. I was grocery shopping and could not finish the shopping trip it was so bad. Luckily my husband was with me. He drove us home and I lay down for about an hour to help my back, when I sat up my water broke. I may have actually pulled something because the pain started when I bent at the waist to get something off the shelf. This may be why I had back pain my entire labor - or maybe it was just plain ol back labor. It's kind of hard to tell since labor did start fairly intensely and I had my son by the end of the day. With my second pregnancy, I went to the chiro any time I felt my back was out of whack, I just couldn't stand the thought of another labor with that much back pain. With my second child I fell right on my hip/back and really hurt myself, and the chiro saved the day. The day I got hurt I couldn't even lay down, there was only one comfy position in a chair. After the chiro adjustment I felt sooo much better and thank goodness because my daughter was born a week later. 


That's great news that your baby turned head down! I hope you are feeling better and able to rest. If you can, I'd highly recommend going to the chiropractor. 

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How are you ColoradoMama?

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Still pregnant! I am doing okay, dare I say better even, perhaps he has readjusted a bit, this baby is a mover. It sort of comes and goes, it like at times he is in a bad position and it causes constant contractions and back spasms then he moves and I am fine again, or at least the contractions aren't as painful. Thanks for checking in Worldshakers! I also have never had a great back and I have gained 45 pounds so far which is just a lot for me, I was only 120 to start this pregnancy so things are just off. I am a little scared to see a chiropractor even though when i am not pregnant I have and have seen the magic it can do. One saved me after the birth of my daughter I threw my back out completely and couldn't even breath the spasms were so bad, but I just am scared of it during pregnancy. I have a lot of irrational fears during pregnancy and I just can't overcome them. But thanks for the suggestion and support.

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I'm glad to hear you are feeling a bit better! 

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